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FY2021 Budget Development Timeline

Estimated Timeline Activity
October Distribution of Auxiliary Chargeback Schedule and Auxiliary Parameters
October Distribution of Academic Initiatives Budget Parameters
October - February Auxiliary and Segregated Fee Unit Budget Development
October - February Academic Initiatives Budget Development/Committee Review
November 1st AI Budget Templates due to Committee
November Distribution of GPR Budget Parameters
December - February GPR and Self Supporting (Fund 131) Budget Development
January - March  UWL Compensation Planning and Development (CUPA, PTS)
Mid-January UW Extension - IIA Report and Budgets for Continuing Education and SBDC Due
Mid-February UW System - 131 Budget/Tuition Authority Report Due
Mid-February UW System - M/D Report Due (Minority and Disadvantaged Students Programs)
Mid-February UW System - Preliminary Seg Fee and User Fee rates Due
January - February Auxiliary/Segregated Fee Units and GPR Units Budget Hearings
March 1 All finalized budgets due to the Budget Office
April 1 University Budget Due to UW System
April 1
UW System - 128 Auxiliary Budget/Report Due
May 1 UW System - Balances Projections Due
Early June Board of Regents meeting to approve all rate packages
June 30 End of Fiscal Year (specific processing deadlines on Business Services website)
July 15 Departmental Spend Plans due to Budget Office
End of July FY20 Budgets loaded into WISDM