Auxiliary Chargeback schedule

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There are a variety of Campus and System chargebacks that are assessed out to the Program Revenue units each year. Each fall an updated schedule is generated based upon chargeback projections from System and actual activity.

Chargeback Schedules:

System Chargebacks include:

  • Common Systems
  • System Assessment
  • Safety & Loss Prevention
  • OSER (Office of State Employee Relations)
  • Municipal Services
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Property Premium
  • Work Center
  • WIAC Assessment
  • Green Energy Surcharge
  • Storm Water Utility
  • Debt Service

Campus Chargebacks include:

  • Peoplesoft
  • Auxiliary Chargeback
  • IT Network Operating Fee
  • IT Auxiliary Positions
  • CBORD Annual Charges