Fringe Benefit Rates

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Fringe Allocation Process - effective July 1, 2015.

The memo provides further information and details on how fringe benefits are allocated throughout the year.

Extramural Fringe Rates:

Extramural fringe benefits rates are to be used by University of Wisconsin System institutions in charging grant funds for the employer's contribution to fringe benefits. These rates include the employer's contribution to retirement, health insurance, FICA and Medicare FICA, unemployment compensation, workers' compensation, income continuation insurance and life insurance. These rates should be used in all proposals submitted to extramural sponsors. Rates are recalculated in collaboration with UW System each fiscal year.

List of Current Fringe Benefit Rates and Facilities & Administrative Cost Rates

 Fringe Benefits Overview and Tips

For non-grant funded individuals or positions, please contact your Divisional Budget Office representative for actual fringe rates to be used in projections.