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Administrative Overhead

An Administration Overhead Assessment is applied to non-instructional and certain instructional PR operations. The FY23 Admin Overhead percentage is 16% which is assessed monthly on actual revenues generated during the fiscal year. The administrative overhead goes to support a variety of campus-wide services and Common System assessments.

Educational Assistance 

As part of the 'Investing in Our People' pillar of the University's strategic plan, the University is making an investment in an Educational Assistance program for staff and faculty. The cost allocation model was developed by distributing the cost based upon 0.1306% on salary dollars associated with Redbook FTE per unit. On a $50,000 salary, the one-time annual assessment equals $65.30. The GPR portion is funded through the 102 Lapse return funds from UW System and the PR portion is allocated to each unit based upon Redbook FTE levels to achieve a total budget for the campus of $85,000. The program will be reviewed annually to determine an appropriate funding target to match demand.

Travel Service Fee 

In place of the previous UW System (UWS) Travel Service Fee of $14.50 which was charged per travel agency contact, UWS has implemented a System-wide assessment which is allocated to each campus based on total FTE. The assessment will then support the overall UWS Travel Service program (online transactions support, group block transactions, administrative work for cancellations, after-hours service, etc.) and individual travelers will no longer be billed. The estimated annual cost to UWL is $44,000 which is allocated to all units based on the percentage of travel expenditures in the prior fiscal year.