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La Crosse Museum Feasibility Study expanding section

The purpose of this project is to assist conduct a La Crosse Historical & Cultural Museum Feasibility Study. The goals of the study are to (1) work with primary stakeholders to affirm study objectives and identify resources, (2) involve community stakeholders to determine interest and identify public perceptions regarding the idea of a new historical and cultural museum,  (3) identify visitor perceptions and attitudes towards museums, (4) obtain information from other museums to assess feasibility of a new La Crosse Museum, (5) use primary and secondary data collected to conduct a site analysis of a potential La Crosse museum, and (6) provide a final evaluation and summary of the feasibility of a new museum.

Currently underway. Anticipated completion July 2020

Oktoberfest Economic Impact & Marketing Study expanding section

First held in 1961, Oktoberfest USA is an annual La Crosse, WI festival celebrating German heritage that brings tens of thousands of visitors to the area. For four days attendees fill hotels, visit local restaurants and attractions, participate in Oktoberfest activities on festival grounds, and line the streets for parades. Oktoberfest organizers were interested in updated information that reflects current attendee market characteristics, and the economic impact of the festival. The purpose of the study is to gather information on 2019 event attendee characteristics, including trip characteristics, demographics, geographic information, psychographics, perceptions of current and desired event offerings, event satisfaction, behavioral intentions, and visitor spending.

Currently underway. Anticipated completion: December 2019

Pierce County Tourism Brand Study expanding section

Pierce County recently received a Wisconsin Department of Tourism Joint-Effort-Marketing (JEM) Grant to fund in part a study by the UW-La Crosse Tourism Research Institute. The objective of this study is to unearth Pierce County’s tourism brand. The purpose of this research project is to identify and understand the county’s brand from a county stakeholder perspective and visitor perspective.  This will allow Pierce County representatives to establish their brand and develop marketing materials that better communicate what the communities have to offer with what target markets desire.

Start date: December 2018

Completion date: December 2019

NTPA Tomah Tractor Pull Visitor Survey expanding section

The 2018 NTPA (National Tractor Pullers Association) Tomah Tractor Pull demographic survey was done jointly with the Monroe County Agricultural Society and the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse Tourism Research Institute. The primary purpose of this study was to acquire demographic and market information on attendees of the 2018 NTPA Tomah Tractor Pull to aid the Ag Society’s marketing efforts. This study also aimed to see the uses and benefits of social media and tractor pull goers.

Promotion poster to encourage participants to take survey and win a prize.

Participants were incentivized via an opportunity to win a ticket to next year's event.

Tractor pulling sled at event.

The three day event takes place annually in June.

La Crosse County Convention & Visitors Bureau MOSES Visitor Study expanding section

MOSES 2018 Annual Conference Visitor Study

Conducted on Behalf of the La Crosse County Convention & Visitors Bureau

The Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service (MOSES) conference is an annual conference held annually in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The conference draws more than 3,000 visitors, from local attendees to international visitors, interested in learning about organic and sustainable food production. The 2018 conference was February 22nd-24th. While here, attendees filled hotels, ate at local restaurants, and visited various attractions. The La Crosse County Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) was interested in knowing attendees’ perceptions of the La Crosse area. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to gather information on MOSES attendees’ interactions with La Crosse and their perceptions of what La Crosse has to offer. By gathering this information, future marketing efforts can be better targeted, and the need to dedicate resources to specific tourism-based offerings better communicated.

MOSES Participant dropping off survey

Survey drop-off set up inside convention center.

MOSES Shuttle-bus drop-off

Data collected on shuttle buses to identify visitor perceptions of the La Crosse area.