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About the Campaign

The You Belong poster campaign is intended to offer a visual representation of diversity through language with multiple translations of “you belong.”

Posters are created in collaboration with language speakers and members of our UWL community. Recognizing that translations are not always seamless between cultures, individuals used their own autonomy to capture the spirit of belonging: to be valued, seen, heard, cared for, and an essential member of our UWL family.

The translations are gifts to campus. They are individuals’ perceptions of emotions that encapsulate belonging under careful contemplation. Because languages themselves are complex, translations themselves can be diverse. No two individuals may translate You Belong the same which further honors not only diversity and inclusion but also belonging.

We acknowledge that there are many languages in our world and the You Belong poster campaign will continue throughout the academic year with more languages to be represented.

Submit a language translation

We encourage any individual whose first language is not English to share their own translation/interpretation of You Belong using the following link.

Order the latest poster

Members of the campus community can order copies of the latest poster by contacting the Center for Transformative Justice at Please include the number of posters desired and the campus mailing address in your email.

Spring 2023 Poster 2 translations (from top to bottom) · Serian · Japanese · Polish · Hindi · English · Hmong · Hebrew · Russian · Arabic · German
Fall 2022 poster translations (from top to bottom): · Mandarin · Malay · Korean · Telugu · Spanish · Ho Chunk · English · English Braille · French · Igbo · American Sign Language

Resources & Campus Partners

Did you want to learn more about the languages and cultures represented in the You Belong poster campaign? Check out our Campus Partners below.

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