Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC)

Mettler Toledo 822e

Contact: Keith Beyer


Mettler Toledo TGA DSC STAR

  • Both DSC and thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA)
  • Available with reduced humidity conditions, video microscopy, or basic instrument set-up

Contact: Keith Beyer


Isothermal Titration Calorimeter (ITC)

Used to measure the reactions of biomaterials by looking at temperature changes.

Microcal VP-ITC


  • Directly measures milli- to nanomolar affinities
  • Measures nano- to picomolar dissociation constants using competitive binding techniques

Contact: Adrienne Loh


Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter

Used to determine the caloric values of liquid and solid samples.

IKA C200

  • Ideal for training/teaching purposes
  • Manual operation
  • Isoperibolic, dynamic, manual, and time controlled working methods

Contact: Peg Maher or Sarah Lantvit


Parr Model 1108

  • 350 mL general purpose vessel