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College of Science & Health (CSH)

Sabbatical Committee

11 Members (2023-2024)

The CSH Sabbatical Committee (11 faculty members; one from each department) shall recommend to the Dean on matters regarding sabbatical applications of faculty. The Associate Dean of CSH shall be an ex officio but non-voting member of the committee.  Each member is appointed by their department chair with a single-year, repeatable term. The Dean shall meet with the committee chair, or the full committee, as either deems necessary.


Matthew Chedister, Mathematics & Statistics

Anita Davelos, Biology

Naghmeh Gheidi, Health Professions - CHAIR 

Kelly Gorres, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Kenny Hunt, Computer Science & Computer Engineering

Xinhui Li, Microbiology

W. Thomas Means, Recreation Management & Recreational Therapy

Niti Mishra, Geography & Environmental Science

Sarah Mosley, Exercise & Sport Science

Sarah Pember, Public Health & Community Health Education

Robert Ragan, Physics