Makeshift Computer Science & Engineering Electronics, 3-D printing, coding, and more! Makeshift is a club about making stuff. We hack together wires, solder, and code to make and repair gadgets and games. All majors welcome, no previous experience required! 👩‍💻👨‍💻 Exercise Science Club The purpose of this organization is to help ESS students obtain information. The club will explain the Exercise and Sport Science major, prepare members for application to the program, provide volunteer opportunities as well as guest speakers. Therapeutic Recreation Club An organization for students with a Therapeutic Recreation major to come together to gather information, collaborate and further their interests in the field. Meetings: Every other Wednesday from 7:00-8:00pm in room 2066 HSC or virtual. Womxn and Minorities in Mathematics The Mission of WaMM is to support, encourage, and empower womxn and other marginalized groups during all stages of their college careers in Mathematical sciences. Outdoor Leadership Club The purpose of this club is to provide opportunities for students to gain leadership skills through outdoor adventure activities. DiSTEM (Diversity in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics We are an organization that is dedicated to supporting multicultural students aspiring a career in the STEM field. Athletic Training Association, UWL The mission of the UW-L Athletic Trainer's Association is to promote the educational and professional growth and development of those students wishing to pursue a career in athletic training. University of Wisconsin- La Crosse Pre-Medicine Chapter of the American Medical Student Association and the Student Osteopathic Medical Association The UWL Pre-Med Club was formed to better prepare pre-medicine students for the pre-medicine undergrad, MCAT, and the medical school application process. Women in Physics Women in Physics Club is an organization that supports and encourages women and other underrepresented groups in physics. We are open to anyone, regardless of gender or major. PERIOD@UWL PERIOD@UWL aims to educate and empower UWL students and the surrounding community about period health and period poverty in our community and around the world. Pre-Occupational Therapy Club The Pre-OT Club meets every other Monday and is an organization designed to give its members knowledge and insight about the field of Occupational Therapy. Meetings consist of guest speakers, graduate school prep, OT Panels, and much more! Freshwater Ecology and Management Club The Freshwater Ecology and Management Club goals are to promote conservation of freshwater ecosystems and fisheries resources by encouraging students to take an active role in aquatic fisheries sciences and exchanging relevant information among members. Nuclear Medicine Technology Club The NMT Club is open to all students with an interest in the growing field of Nuclear Medicine Technology. If you would like to learn more about NMT, please join our meetings or contact an executive member whom you may find listed on the club roster. Actuary Club The Actuary Club helps aspiring actuaries pass exams, gain knowledge of the profession, and increase networking. Pre-Optometry Club The Pre-Optometry Club is an organization that provides it's members with resources and opportunities that introduce and develop a stronger understanding of the field of optometry and prepare them for applying to optometry schools. American Chemical Society Student Affiliate The purpose of this club is to to promote the study of chemistry and biochemistry, encourage a spirit of camaraderie among students, expose students to a broad range of career opportunities, and encourage volunteering to bring science into the community. Pre-Pharmacy Club Pre-Pharmacy Club is an organization for students who intend to continue on to pharmacy school. We strive to organize community events & volunteer opportunities as well as answer questions relating to classes, the PCAT, and the interview process. Helping Kids Soar A student organization dedicated to making the lives of sick children better through the partnership with our local Children's Miracle Network Hospital, Gundersen Health Systems! Our working motto is For The Kids, driving us to do all we do! Botany and Campus Garden Club The purpose of this organization is to give interested students exposure to plants on campus and some time in the greenhouse. Members enjoy participating in plant related group activities and meeting like-minded people Mathematics & Statistics Club The UWL Math Club is a social organization for students with an interest in mathematics. We meet weekly (Wednesdays at 6 pm online) to discuss problems, play games, and learn about interesting topics beyond the scope of what is taught in the classroom. Computer Science Club The CS club is a way for technologically-minded people to gather together to share information with peers, seek out job opportunities, and have fun. UWL Pre-Veterinary Club The Pre-Vet Club is an informal club for students working toward veterinary school. Activities focus on different aspects of veterinary medicine and animal care. The club can also be a source of peer advising or information on general animal science. Recreation Club REC Club is designed for majors, minors, and non-majors interested in broadening their knowledge regarding recreation through many experiences that will enhance professional development. Pre-Physician Assistant Club The Pre-PA Club is run by and for UWL undergraduate students who are interested in learning more about the Physician Assistant (PA) profession. Physical, Adapted, and School Health Education (PASHE) Club The PASHE Club exists to develop quality future physical, adapted, or school health educators. Through collaboration, attendance of state/national conventions, and engagement in various volunteer opportunities; we continue to advocate for our profession. American Society for Microbiology The Microbiology Club is open to anyone (majors or non-majors) interested in microbiology. The club is dedicated to promoting education and opportunities in all fields of microbiology as well as engaging in volunteer events throughout the year. Biology Club This organization is based on the interests of students majoring/minoring in biology, as well as anyone interest in the subject. We help students find research opportunities, meet professionals, volunteer, and meet people with similar interests. Student Occupational Therapy Association The Student Occupational Therapy Association is a professional student organization designed to provide OT graduate students with networking, professional development, and advocacy opportunities. SOTA also hosts many events during the school year. Physician Assistant Student Society PASS is for current members of the UW-La Crosse - Gundersen - Mayo - Marshfield PA Program. Students interested in the PA profession should look into joining the Pre-PA Club ( Healthcare Management & Lifesciences The purpose of this organization is to provide opportunities to build relationships with leaders in healthcare, explore different fields, and volunteer with different organizations in La Crosse. This club can serve as a great tool for anyone! Graduate Student Organization The Graduate Student Organization (GSO) strives to promote the visibility of UWL's graduate programs/students by providing informational opportunities, networking, avocation of graduate studies, and community involvement. Student Physical Therapy Club The Student Physical Therapy Club consists of undergraduate students interested in pursuing a career in the broad field of physical therapy. Fitness Lifestyle Organization for Women FLOW (Fitness Lifestyle Organization for Women) is an organization is designed to educate, encourage, and improve our lives in all aspects of health. We design events in order to promote these ideas, such as: workouts, health speakers, socials, and more! Pre-Genetic Counseling Club The Pre-GC Club is open to anyone interested in the genetic counseling track or profession! Meetings are held monthly and feature presentations, guest speakers, events, and more. Meet new people and learn more about the world of genetics here! CODERS The CODERS purposes are community outreach, teaching basic computer science skills to the La Crosse community, campus in-reach, providing support to students as well as promoting their professional skills and Diversity, promotion of all minorities in CS. Women in STEM A group of women willing to commit to creating a supportive and supplemental environment for themselves and other members. Group provides a supportive and inclusive environment for women at UWL looking to pursue careers in STEM-related majors. Physics Club, UWL The Physics Club is a student organized club that started in the fall of 1996! The main goal of the club is to promote the awareness of Physics in modern society. Sport Management Association We are a student organization at UW-La Crosse looking to promote the Sport Management program while facilitating students in gaining knowledge of and experience within the world of sports. Geography Club The purpose of this organization is to encourage awareness and understanding of the Geography field, to promote the idea of global citizenship, and to create a network and open environment for students with a shared interest in geography. Eta Phi Alpha The Eta Phi Alpha Honor Society is a social, service, and networking opportunity for students of the College of Science and Allied Health, College of Liberal Studies, and the School of Arts and Communication. Pre-Chiropractic Club The Pre-Chiropractic Club is an enthusiastic group interested in alternative primary healthcare methods. It is open to anyone with an interest in the field. The club helps to inform as well as expose students to the lifestyle of chiropractic. Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children The goal of this organization is to fundraise for Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children, help raise community health awareness in the La Crosse area, and organize volunteer trips abroad to FIMRC's international clinics. Eta Sigma Gamma Health Education Honorary Radiation Therapy Club The Radiation Therapy Club is for students who are interested in Radiation Therapy as a major. We are involved with events both on campus and in the community, and are dedicated to helping prospective students prepare for the UWL RT program. Spikeball Club The UWL Spikeball club is open to all UWL students who love playing Spikeball or want to learn how to. Meetings consists of games, leagues and occasional tournaments. We also try to volunteer together in the La Crosse community. Diverse-OT We aim to create a safe space for students to have discussions related to equity and inclusion to build a strong foundation to address healthcare inequalities in the field. We strive to create pathways for underrepresented students into our OT program. Student Nutrition Association The purpose of our organization shall be to serve as the official organization for the students interested in nutrition, to promote academic achievement, and to promote the responsible dissemination of accurate and evidence-based nutrition information. Pre-Dentistry Club The purpose of the Pre-Dentistry Club is to provide members with resources and opportunities that introduce and develop a stronger understanding of the field of dentistry.