Exercise and Sport Science

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Athletic Training

The SMATHIE grant program expanding section

The Sports Medical Athletic Therapist International Exchange (SMATHIE) is a program funded by a Department of Education Fund for Improvement of Post-Secondary Education (FIPSE) and Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) Grants. These grants are through the program for Bilateral Cooperation with Industrialised Countries of the European Union.The program began in the fall of 2010 and will conclude in the summer of 2015. This program includes the fields of study of sports science, athletic training and sports medicine as they exist in the United States (US) and the European Union (EU). Students involved in the study will be upper level students (juniors from the United States and second year or higher students from the European Union).

The overall objectives of the program are :

  • To expose the participants to the sport sciences as understood by the host institutions and develop additional teaching, research and service collaborations.
  • To teach students and faculty about the different medical models associated with exercise for prevention and rehabilitation of the populations served.
  • To introduce the model of athletic training in the EU as it pertains to health coordination and extension of physician services.
  • To expose students to the cultural differences that play a role in the overall health enhancing physical activity (HEPA) of a population.
  • Provide impetus for sports medicine and athletic training evolution and development through institutionalized educational programming.

Study duration :  The Certificate of Sports Medical Athletic Therapy is complete at the time of degree for the sports science major (three years in the EU).  The International Sports Medicine Minor is complete at the time of degree for the athletic training major at UW-La Crosse (four years in the US).

Language :  The language of instruction will be that of the host institution.

Study Program :  Each student will receive home and host language and cultural training prior to enrollment in academic coursework, clinical rotations and internships.  Courses and experiences in the program will be from the departments of sport and exercise sciences, external health care facilities, and will include athletic training (allied health care).

List of EU and US consortium institutions :

Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany         University of Wisconsin - La Crosse 
University of Granada, Spain                      Chapman University, Orange, CA.

Number of EU and US students :  Six (6) students from the EU and six (6) students from the US will be enrolled annually at the host institutions for a full academic term (4-5 months) each

Faculty exchanges :   A faculty exchange will occur annually for a period of four (4) weeks from the US to the EU.

Elements of Excellence/Track Record :  All institutions in the consortium are successfully engaged in international education and have placed dozens of students previously in other areas of study in the host countries.  Long-standing agreements exist between the lead institutions at governmental and institutional levels.  The involved departments at the host institutions are all recognized as leaders in their respective countries and have the full capability of achieving the stated outcomes.  The consortium will develop international models of education and health care delivery that will enhance the field of exercise related health care in the future.

Students participating in this program should complete the SMATHIE Program Evaluation Form.