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Annette Valeo  Profile of Annette Valeo

Outreach Specialist
205E Morris Hall

Specialty areas:

Credit and non-credit program development and outreach; online graduate program administrative support; Concurrent Enrollment program for high school students.

Primary contact for Concurrent Enrollment; professional development for teachers; MyCAA; Recreation Management-Professional Development MS.

Admission Requirements & UWL Application Questions

Mari Hendershot  Profile of Mari Hendershot

Application Review Specialist
2320 Student Union

Specialty areas:

Application Review Specialist

ACT and Placement Test Information

Charles Gilbert  Profile of Charles Gilbert

Testing Coordinator & Office Manager
2106 Centennial Hall

Specialty areas:

Test administration, test security, biometrics, statistical detection of cheating, big data, geologic ephemera, Karst topography, micro-mammals, Pleistocene – Holocene sympatry in the Prairie Peninsula, biomarkers of the Upper Holocene Boundary.


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