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Concurrent Enrollment

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College Courses for High School Students: Maximize Student Learning and Success

School district administrators and teachers strengthen high school academic programs and student outcomes by partnering with UWL to offer Concurrent Enrollment courses.

Benefits to high school students:

  • Experience increased academic rigor and pace of university courses
  • Learn from teachers at your high school
  • Earn college credit that may be transferred to other colleges/universities
  • Gain credit from the UW System's top-ranked public comprehensive campus while also earning high school credit

Preparing for success

"UWL's concurrent enrollment program allowed me to challenge myself in ways I wasn't always afforded at a rural public school. I grew as a writer, a researcher, and a critical thinker. To do so with a teacher I already knew, just made sense and prepared me for the successes I found in college."

Alexis Gilkes
2014 Graduate, Westby High School

Concurrent Enrollment FAQs

Is Concurrent Enrollment for me?
  • If you are confident that you can handle a college course and feel motivated to do the work, concurrent enrollment is a great fit for you!
  • Concurrent enrollment grades are part of your permanent academic record, so you want to be sure you can do well. 
Are any tests required?
  • Possibly.  You may wish to submit your ACT score to UWL (code 4672). ACT test scores may provide additional evidence of your readiness for college-level coursework. 
  • ENG 110 and SPA 307 require placement test scores. Check out the Placement Testing website for more information. 
Will I have to pay to take a course?
  • Maybe. Some districts pay some or all of the tuition for Concurrent Enrollment courses they offer. Your school district will notify you of the cost and when the tuition is due; you make your payment to your school district. 
  • If you have to pay for your class and you have to drop, refunds will be determined by UW System policy. 
  • The cost per credit for Concurrent Enrollment students is significantly lower than the cost per credit for a full-time college student.
What is the difference between Concurrent Enrollment, Early College Credit Program (ECCP) and Advanced Placement courses?
  • Concurrent enrollment courses offer you college credit and high school credit if you complete the course.  Courses are taught in your own school by your high school teachers and most are taught over the course of an entire school year.
  • ECCP courses may offer college credit only or college credit and high school credit to students who complete a course. Courses are taught on the college campus or online by university faculty. See the website for more information on ECCP.  
  • Advanced Placement (AP) courses may result in college credit for students who earn a passing grade on the AP test taken at the end of the course. See the website for more information on AP courses.
Where are the courses taught?
  • Concurrent Enrollment courses are taught in your school by high school teachers with the close collaboration of UWL faculty. Some courses include activities at UWL as well.
  • If your school is operating remotely, your concurrent enrollment courses will also be taught remotely.
Will I get a grade and transcript from UWL?
  • Yes. Grades are posted in your WINGS Student Center within one week of the course end date.
  • UWL does not mail paper grades or transcripts to students. You may access your grade report and order an official transcript through your student account, the WINGS Student Center or order an official transcript here on the UWL Transcript Request webpage
Will my UWL concurrent enrollment credit transfer to the college I decide to attend?
  • In general, UWL course credits are highly transferrable to colleges and universities coast-to-coast.
  • You can use the Transferology website to check on how a particular course will transfer to a given college or university. If you cannot find a school you are interested in, contact that school's admissions office directly. 
What if I have to drop?

Reach out to your teacher and counselor as soon as you can if you are struggling. Concurrent Enrollment courses follow the UWL academic class withdrawal policy. It is important for you to formally withdraw from the course in time to avoid having a failing grade on your permanent academic record. 

Refund dates are different from class withdrawal dates, and follow UW System policy

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