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How Concurrent Enrollment Benefits School Districts

  • Provides development and mentorship for high school teachers by partnering with UWL faculty

  • Differentiated learning opportunities for high performing students

  • Increases students' access to post-secondary education

  • May reduce the cost of college education and accelerate completion of the students' college degrees

  • Accessible instruction that takes place at your school

  • Partner with UW System's top-ranked public comprehensive campus

Nothing prepared me for college more than actual college classes...

“... After a year of college, I would say that the workload of the Concurrent Enrollment class is comparable to what I have had to do for my classes each semester.”

Cameron Robaczewski
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, Class of 2019

Interested in offering Concurrent Enrollment Courses in your school district?

Partnering with UW-La Crosse to offer Concurrent Enrollment courses provides learning opportunities for both teachers and students. To offer Concurrent Enrollment courses, your school district will: 

  1. Sign a letter of agreement with UWL
  2. Identify courses to offer
  3. Identify district high school teachers who meet Concurrent Enrollment teaching criteria

If you are interested in offering Concurrent Enrollment courses in your school district for the first time, or wish to offer a new Concurrent Enrollment course, please contact us.

Contact Annette to get started: