Animal procurement


To ensure that an approved IACUC protocol is in place, sufficient space and animal numbers are available, and the vendor/supplier has been approved. In addition, animal numbers need to be updated and tracked on a constant basis for reporting animal numbers to federal and accreditation agencies.


Procurement of all vertebrate animals requires completion of the Animal Procurement Request Form and subsequent approval by the IACUC Office. UWL animal orders must be placed by the IACUC office unless approved by the IACUC.


  • The PI completes the Animal Procurement Request Form providing the details requested.
  • The form is submitted electronically to the IACUC Office (
  • The IACUC Office can authorize the procurement of animals and if requested will place the order.
  • No animals are to be ordered until the PI is notified that the request was approved.



Policy Adoption Date: 02/11/2014

Reference Minutes: 02/11/2014