Information Systems (IS) department has established an undergraduate minor program in health information systems management (HISM). The potential students of this program will come from all non-IS business majors and health-related disciplines on the UWL campus


The objective of the HISM minor is to infuse pertinent, up-to-date health information systems knowledge into the students who will take on responsibilities in using information systems to manage medical practice and/or make clinical decisions to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery. While graduates of this program will become more proficient in healthcare information technology and be ready to join technology project teams in the healthcare industry, the program does not intend to produce electronic medical record (EMR) or electronic health record (EHR) coders. Instead, the Minor program will increase the marketability of students in their respective career tracks.


Strengths of the HISM Minor Program


The HISM minor program provides rigorous coverage and training in the areas of project management and healthcare data communications. These strengths are highly desirable in today’s healthcare professions.


Special  Features of the HISM Program


By taking the elective courses students could choose to learn data-driven decision support systems which are highly relevant to clinical decision making and care planning, or to gain deeper exposure to IT management that is essential to practice management


Length of the HISM Program


The HISM minor program will typically take two years to complete. However, students carrying HP 250 or IS 220 credits into the Program may fast-track to completion in the near future.