Information Systems Learning Objectives

Program objectives

In addition to possessing solid knowledge in all business functional areas, the IS graduates are expected to achieve competency in three main program areas: 1) problem solving; 2) data communications; and 3) systems development. With these competencies, the IS graduates will be able to develop effective business solutions through the use of information and information technology.


Learning outcomes of the main program area

  • Problem solving: Demonstrate an ability to understand and analyze complex business problems correctly, develop effective solutions, and implement them using appropriate information technologies.

  • Data Communications: Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental technical characteristics of data communications and business networking including Internet technologies.  Acquire pertinent knowledge of computer networking technologies to support the design and management of business data communication networks.

  • Systems Development Demonstrate the ability to be a productive team member in a business systems development project requiring analysis and design, project management and implementation skills customized to the businesses architecture.