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A study that centers on planning, analysis, design, and implementation of information systems 
that includes technologies such as computer networks and database applications.
Businesses worldwide depend heavily on advanced information systems for managing information and business operations competitively.
-Average starting salary is $54,000+
-100% job placement as reported by UWL Career Services
-IS Majors Are in Demand
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At UW-L we have both a major and minor in information systems.

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The education of information systems centers on analysis and design. We teach the implementation of information systems that include technologies such as computer networks, e-commerce, and database applications. Through our program students develop and use computer-based information systems in business environments in preparation for careers in information technology-related areas.

Careers in information systems are in demand! Companies rely on experts to help with current technology and to stay up to date with competitors. They want employees with a comprehension of technical skills, an ability to examine problems, an aptitude to develop technology based solutions, and a skill to communicate those needs to others.

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Students in the program need to possess strong mathematics and logical reasoning skills. High school students planning collegiate programs in business, including information systems, should take algebra/trigonometry or pre-calculus courses in high school.

With solid coursework in the computer science area before entering the professional portion of the program, students develop a technical foundation to support their upper division curriculum.

More information on the curriculum can be found on the Academic Catalog.

Check out the IS Major Advising Sheet for guidance. 

As in all other business programs, IS students will complete an extensive array of courses in liberal arts and science, including courses in communication, humanities, multicultural issues and social sciences.

As part of the CBA you will take courses in:

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Financial Management
  • Management
  • Marketing

Coursework for the IS Major and Minor includes:

  • Data Analytics
  • Data Communications
  • Database Management Systems
  • JAVA Language
  • Project Management
  • Salesforce
  • Software Development
  • Systems Analysis

Through electives, you can guide your education to suit your own interests:

Introduction to Programming Language
Advanced Database Management Systems
Business Choices and Telecommunications Decision
Information Security Management, Ethical Issues and Compliance
Management of Business Analytics
CBA Management Information Systems Internship
Independent Study
Management Science

Strengths and Special Features

Both the Information Systems major and minor at UWL have many strengths and special features including:

  • Project Based Curriculum
  • Salesforce
  • Internships
  • Industry Connections
  • 100% job placement
  • High starting salary


A vast majority of faculty have Ph.D. degrees in management information systems, and the faculty deliver a curriculum balanced between computer science education and business management. The IS faculty is highly knowledgeable and is focused on teaching skills that are relevant to post graduation endeavors.

Occupational Outlook

Information Systems graduates will enjoy dynamic career opportunities in work that is challenging, where innovation and initiative are valued and rewarded. For the past several years, IS graduates have been in high demand from many types of industries.

Learn more about Occupational Outlook on our Career Page.