We are here to help you. Your advisor will help you understand your advisement report (AR), CBA entry, and departmental requirements. Advisors will help ensure you take the classes that will help you receive the most beneficial education.

We have advising planning sheets to help you with your IS Major, IS Minor, BA Major, or BA Minor

Listed below are frequently asked questions among other resources.

Advising FAQs

Who is my advisor? expanding section

You can discover the name and the contact information of your advisor by logging into your WINGS account. Listed on the right side of the student center is your "Program Advisor." 

Note: If you are an undeclared major in the CBA your advisor will be a faculty member from the Academic Advising Center.

When do I register for classes? expanding section

Find your registration appointment by logging onto WINGS. On the right side of the page click "Enrollment Dates." To change terms click "Details." The number of credits you earned determines the appointment time of your registration.

What do I do if a class is full? expanding section

If a class that you want to take is full add your name to the waiting list for that particular class. If other students drop the class, depending on your placement, you may get into the class for the semester. If you don't get into your class, the classes rotate through, so you will get into the class before you graduate.

Note: For IS 220, we also offer additional online sections during summer session.

Where can I find information on transferring to or from UWL? expanding section

The UW System maintains the Transfer Wisconsin website learn. The site provides information about how courses transfer in the University of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Technical College, and Tribal College systems. Use Transferology, our online tool to view course equivalencies, enter and store coursework, and even request an evaluation of transfer work against a program. Transferology is designed to give prospective students current information about transferring UW System and Wisconsin Technical College System credits to any institution in the UW System.

Additional information may be found on the Admissions page or the Academic Advising Center page.

What are the requirements for admission to the CBA? expanding section

First, complete ACC 221 & 222, BLAW 205, and ECO 110 & 120 with a grade of C or better. Second, earn (or be in the process of earning) 54 credits or higher. Third, complete three of the remaining six pre-business core courses (ECO 230, ENG 110 or 112, IS 220, MGT 301, MTH 175 or MTH 207, and STAT 145). Fourth, earn a cumulative 2.5 GPA at point of application.

All CBA requirements are found in the catalog.

Note: Be sure to complete any remaining pre-business core classes the semester after your admission if you did not complete them at the time of admittance. 

Your advisor will help ensure that you meet the requirements in a timely manner. Appointments can also be made with Nicole Vidden in the CBA office to complete a credit check. By completing a credit check, students can find out if they are on track for CBA admission.

How do I apply to the CBA? expanding section

Complete the online form by mid-semester when completing the necessary requirements.

Note: If you submit your application after mid-semester, the application may not be processed until professors post grades for the completed semester.

What are the critical benchmarks in the IS program? expanding section

First, gain acceptance to the CBA by the end of your sophomore year. Second, complete two writing emphasis courses: one at the 200 level or above, and one at the 300 level or above. Third, earn at least 40 credits at the 300/400 level to graduate. Fourth, to ensure you are on track to graduate, complete a credit check with Nicole Vidden in the CBA before the first semester of your senior year.

What are the academic requirements for the IS major? expanding section

Find the requirements for the IS major in the catalog, and check out the IS Advising Planning Sheet for an example of a four-year plan. 

What are the requirements for completing an internship for credit? expanding section

Receive credit for an internship in the CBA by completing all professional core courses except MGT 393 and MGT 449.

For more information on internships check out the Career Services page

How do I apply to graduate? expanding section

Complete the “Apply for Graduation” form found in your WINGS Student Center. The Dean's Office automatically completes a graduation check for all CBA students before the start of their final semester and they notify you by email if there are any problems.

Contact the CBA Dean's Office if you have any questions or concerns about graduation.

Where is the IS department located on campus? expanding section

We're on the second floor of the Wing Technology Center. The Department Office is in 240 Wing.

Advising in the minor

Apply for the IS minor.

To apply for the IS minor, you must declare a major, complete IS 220 with a "C" or better, and earn a minimum 2.50 cumulative GPA.

Once accepted into the minor you will receive an acceptance letter with the name of your advisor. You may also find the name of your advisor in WINGS.

For advising help check out our IS Minor Advising Planning Sheet

Apply for the BA Minor.

To apply for the BA minor, you must declare a major, complete IS 220 with a "C" or better, and earn a minimum 2.50 cumulative GPA.

Once accepted into the minor you will receive an acceptance letter with the name of your advisor. You may also find the name of your advisor in WINGS.

Note: the IS department reviews minor applications twice a year (October 1 and March 1).

For advising help check out our BA Minor Advising Sheet.