The HISM minor program provides rigorous coverage and training in the areas of project management and healthcare data communications. These strengths are highly desirable in today’s healthcare professions.

By taking the elective courses students could choose to learn data-driven decision support systems which are highly relevant to clinical decision making and care planning, or to gain deeper exposure to IT management that is essential to practice management.

The HISM minor program will typically take two years to complete. However, students carrying HP 250 or IS 220 credits into the Program may fast-track to completion in the near future.


The HISM minor can be taken by non-IS CBA majors and majors in non-CBA colleges.

FOR CBA MAJORS the minor program consists of seven courses (six required, one elective) totaling 19 credits:HP 250; IS 321, 340, 370, 420, 435; one elective course from: IS 320, IS 360    

FOR NON-CBA MAJORS the minor program consist of eight courses (seven required, one elective) totaling 23 credits: HP 250; IS 220, 321, 340, 370, 420, 435; one elective course from: IS 320, IS 360


Admission and Retention Process:

  1. Applied online here.
  2. Have a declared major.  
  3. Have a minimum 2.50 cumulative GPA.

All students must meet prerequisite requirements for courses counting toward the minor. Required courses for any non-IS major cannot be counted as electives for the HISM minor. Admissions are subject to an annual space limitation set by the department.