Business and Community Engagement

In efforts to engage and connect students with business organizations, a variety of guest speakers are invited to share their professional experiences each semester. Guest speakers from SAP, Federated Insurance, and Fastenal discuss class topics ranging from information system implementation experiences to enterprise systems management.

Faculty and Staff Kudos

Dr. Haried presented "Exploring the Motivation, Attitude and Loyalty of Daily Fantasy Sports Participants", at the American Society of Business and Behavioral Studies in Las Vegas, NV, March 2019.

Dr. Huang attended the 40th IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy in San Francisco, May 2019.

Dr. Haried and Dr. Han attended the INTEROP conference in Las Vegas, NV, May 2019.

Dr. Haried attended the AACSB Data Analytics Workshop, May 2019.

Dr. Huang and Dr. Haried attended the 2019 Faculty Symposium HIMT Curriculum in Madison, WI, June 2019.

Dr. Haried, Dr. Han, Dr. Huang, and Dr. Yang attended the SAP University Alliances workshop in Milwaukee, WI, July 2019.

Dr. Haried presented “Skill and the Art of Tax Filing Excellence: Comparison of Two Cultures”, at the Human Computer Interactions International conference in Orlando, FL July 2019.

Dr. Haried was promoted to Full Professor, July 2019.

Dr. Haried and Mr. Annino received the CBA Research Excellence Award Grant for their paper titled: A Review of Health Information Management and Technology Careers: A Content Analysis of Job Advertisements, July 2019.

Dr. Haried & Dr. Huang received the CBA Enhanced Research Grant for their paper titled: An Evaluation of Uncertainty and Anticipatory Anxiety Impacts on Technology Use, July 2019.

Faculty Research Output

Referred Conference Proceedings & Presentations

Huang, C. L. and Haried, P. (2019). An Evaluation of Uncertainty and Anticipatory Anxiety Impacts on Technology Use, International Journal of Human Computer Interaction, Accepted and Forthcoming.

Haried, P., Claybaugh, C., and Dai, H. (2019). Evaluation of Health Information Systems Research in Information Systems Research: A Meta-Analysis, Health Informatics Journal, 25(1), 186-202.

Haried, P., Claybaugh, C., Chen, L., and Chen, Y. (2019). ERP Vendor Satisfaction: From Communication and IT Capability Perspectives, Journal of Computer Information Systems, DOI: 10.1080/08874417.2019.1566801.

Sung, H. K., Song, C. I., and Yang, K. H. (2019). Big Data Project Management by Agile Approach: In the Case of the Seoul Metropolitan City Owl Bus, International Journal of Services and Operations Management, accepted and forthcoming.