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Have You Considered the IS Major, Minor, or Health Information Systems Management (HISM) Minor? They Hold the Key to Your Future Career Success!


The IS majors develop strengths in both business management and technology which uniquely enable them to bridge the gap between business needs and computerized solutions. While completion of the CBA core allows them to understand and analyze business problems, our robust training in systems development, programing, database management and data communications empowers them to develop effective technical solutions.  The UWL IS graduates have been in high demand and enjoyed the highest average starting salary among all CBA majors. Regardless of the business downturns, our job placement rate has been 100% for 13 out of the last 15 years and the starting salaries are now in the $50,000 to $60,000 range. And the future looks even brighter. A Yahoo Finance article (2/24/2015) listed "the top 25 highest paying jobs with the most openings right now,"  10 out of these top jobs fall in the IS domain with 5 in the top 10. These IS-related jobs ranging from software engineers to database administrators to user-experience designers are creating more than 143,000 openings nation-wide!


Given the information and communications technology (ICT) is an essential part of just about every profession, you might want to consider the IS minor as it will nicely complement your major to help you land better jobs.  This program is primarily meant for enhancing the ICT knowledge and capabilities of other business majors (16 credits required), but it also can be taken by non-business students (25 or 28 credits required) who wish to strengthen their problem solving ability using information systems.  Since its inception in 2002, more than 100 business and non-business majors have graduated from this program.  While we have been evidencing how successful accounting and finance majors leverage the IS minor in their careers, many graduates from other disciplines with the IS minor could also testify the value of our program.


If you have an interest in the healthcare industry and would like to join the ongoing effort in improving healthcare using ICT, then the HISM minor is right for you. The objective of the HISM minor is to infuse pertinent, up-to-date health information systems knowledge into the students who will take on responsibilities in using information systems to manage medical practice and/or make clinical decisions to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery. This minor could also help non-healthcare students broaden their employment prospect to include healthcare related positions. The HISM minor is a two-year program that can be fast-tracked through in one year with careful advanced planning.


Both the IS minor and HISM minor programs are welcoming new students for the fall 2015 class. Applications are accepted anytime and processed right away.


Part-Time Faculty Recruitment


A half-time associate lecturer position has been approved for the IS Department and the recruitment process has been underway. We are hoping to fill the position before a potential hiring freeze precipitates under the State's funding cuts.




Only one section of IS 330 and IS 401 each will be offered in the fall. For the HISM program, one section of IS 321, IS 340 and IS 370 will be offered. In addition, Dr. Yang will again offer one section of IS 320 as an elective to all IS major and minor students.


Under staffing and funding uncertainties, 7 sections of IS 220 are planned for the fall semester with 210 seats available. An overflow section is also planned but will stay closed until the demand justifies it. For the first time in the coming fall we will employ the “waiting list” feature in Wings to manage override requests for all sections of IS 220. The Wings system will automatically move requesters from the waiting list into the section as the class cap is increased. The course instructor will not independently override students into the sections. However, all waiting lists will be automatically erased from Wings on the first day of fall classes, and at that time, the IS office will take over all override requests.




As of this news writing, one of the two sections of the IS 220 summer course is still wide open. Students who wish to avoid the fall congestion can take this opportunity to complete the convenient online course in the summer.


Research Grants


Drs. Dai, Haried, and Yang received the 2015 CBA Summer Research Grant.




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