Research Grants

Dr. Yang received the 2017-2018 CBA Research Excellence Grant.

Faculty and Staff Kudos

David Annino attended the Faculty College at UW-Richland Center (May 30-Jun 2, 2017). The Faculty College provides an annual opportunity for UW System faculty and academic staff to unite in concentrated study and discussion aimed at improving teaching and learning.

Dr. Haried and Mr. Annino completed the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) course Introduction to Health Care Data Analytics.

Dr. Haried, Dr. Huang and Dr. Yang will all attend the Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMMS) conference in early March.  HIMSS is the leading conference for health information systems research and applications.

Referred Journals

Haried, P. and Claybaugh, C. (2017). Evaluating Information Systems Offshore Project Success: Can Success and Failure Coexist? Journal of Global Information Technology Management, 20(1), 8-27.

Haried, P., Claybaugh, C., and Dai, H. (2017).  Evaluation of Health Information Systems Research in Information Systems Research: A Meta-Analysis, Health Informatics Journal, Accepted and Forthcoming.

Kim, S. H., Jang, S. I., and Yang, K. H.  (2017).  Analysis of the Determinants of Software-as-a-Service Adoption in Small Businesses: Risks, Benefits, and Organizational and Environmental Factors, Journal of Small Business Management, Apr., 303-325

Faculty Referred Conference Proceedings & Presentations

Haried, P. and Huang, C. (2017). A Review of the Health Care Triple Aim in Information Systems Research, Americas Conference on Information Systems, Boston, MA.

Haried, P. (2017).  Past, Present and Future of Healthcare Information Systems Research: A Content Analysis of the Research, American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences, Las Vegas, NV.

Huang, C., Haried, P. and Srite, M. (2017).  Thinking, Feeling, and Worrying: How Uncertainty and Anticipatory Anxiety Affect Technology Use, Americas Conference on Information Systems, Boston, MA.

Yang, K.  (2017).  Can Ethics Be Used as a Tool of Information Security Management? The 34th Annual Pan-Pacific Conference, Lima, Peru.

Yang, K.  (2018).  “Comparison of Knowledge Representation Methodology”.  Presented at the UWL  23rd Annual Faculty Research Day.