Department Chair

Peter Haried  Profile of Peter Haried  Meet with me  Office hours

241 Wing Technology Center

Specialty areas:

Information Systems Project Management, Offshoring, Outsourcing, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Online Fantasy Sports, Health Information Systems Acceptance

Academic Department Associate

Maureen Spencer  Profile of Maureen Spencer  Office hours

Academic Department Associate
240 Wing Technology Center

Department Faculty

David Annino  Profile of David Annino  Office hours

Teaching Associate Professor
235 Wing Technology Center

Specialty areas:

Programming, Database, Data Warehousing, Data Analytics, and System Analysis and Design

Nicholas Breidel  Profile of Nicholas Breidel  Office hours

Teaching Assistant Professor
234 Wing Technology Center

Specialty areas:

Information Systems, Networking, Data bases, marketing, Communication, and Business Management

Ye Han  Profile of Ye Han  Meet with me  Office hours

Assistant Professor
236 Wing Technology Center

Botong Xue  Profile of Botong Xue  Office hours

Assistant Professor
237 Wing Technology Center

Faculty Emeriti

Kuang-Wei Wen 

William Wehrs

Karin Bast