Peer Tutoring

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The MSS Peer Tutoring is a free program designed and developed to meet the needs of students in the BIPOC communities who may need more time and space with tutoring in addition to offerings at Murphy Learning Center.

This provides an amazing opportunity for student employment. We specialize in individual and small group tutoring. This serves a high-impact practice for the peer tutors and tutees. Come check us out!

Focused individual tutoring requests are scheduled here. We will be in touch to update you on your request.

For more information on obtaining a Peer Tutor or to become one, please contact us at or stop by 1101 Centennial Hall!

11am - 2pm STATS 145, Lower BIO, Upper BIO (12:30 - 2:30pm)
2:30pm - 5pm

Lower CHM, Lower BIO, Upper CHM (3:30pm - 5pm)

11am - 2:30pm Upper CHM
2pm - 5pm Lower CHM, Lower BIO
11am - 2pm STATS 145, BIO, CHM and Lower BIO
2:30pm - 5pm Lower CHM, Lower BIO, Upper CHM (3:30pm - 5pm)
9am - Noon STATS 145, BIO, CHM (9am - 11am), Lower BIO 

Full 2021-2022 Peer Tutoring Report

In an effort to be more transparent and to create more collaboration to stretch limited resources, the 2021-2022 Peer Tutoring Report (link above) is being shared in full.

Email us at with any questions and/or concerns regarding Peer Tutoring in our office.