Multicultural Student Services

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OMSS experiences provide leadership opportunities that prepare students so they can serve as role-model leaders and peer mentors for those yet to come at UWL and beyond.

Students taking advantage of leadership endeavors provided by OMSS usually have the opportunity to participate in activities like the following, Multicultural and Diversity Student Organizations.


Leadership Training, and several Leadership Conference options. 

Use MyOrg sites as following:

ALANA - Asian, Latina, African, Native American Women

ASO - Asian Student Organization

BSU - Black Student Unity

HOPE – Hmong Organization Promoting Education

IOPA - Intercultural Organization Promoting Awareness

LASO - Latin American Student Organization 

NASA - Native American Student Association 

SFT Students for a Free Tibet  


Primary Contacts & Meeting Schedule for UW-La Crosse


Asian, Latina, African, Native American Women

ALANA Co-Chairs:


 Sydney Yarbrough

Isabella Kilibarda

Thursdays:  6:00 pm

2301 Centennial Hall


Asian Student Organization


ASO Co-Chairs:

 Nicholas Shankey

Christian Morzinski

Tuesdays:   6:00 pm 1401 Centennial Hall

Black Student Unity

BSU President:


Nathaniel Edwards

Thursdays 7:00 pm 2311 Centennial Hall

Hmong Organization Promoting Education

HOPE Co-Chairs:

 Vandali Vang

Charlie Yang

Mondays:  6:00 pm   2212 Centennial Hall


Intercultural Organization Promoting Education

IOPA President:

 Justine Capetillo

Tuesdays: 6:00 pm

3214 Centennial Hall

Latin American Student Organization

LASO President:

Cecilia Moreno

Thursdays:  7:00 pm 2301 Centennial Hall

Native American Student Association

NASA Co-Chairs:

Katheryn Horne

Jori Given

Mondays: 6:00 pm    3214 Centennial Hall


Students for a Free Tibet

SFT Chair:

Emma Fischer

Mondays: 7:00 pm    1401 Centennial Hall