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If you're interested in the LGBT history of Wisconsin please check out The Gay Peoples Union Collection.

The following magazines are subscribed to by the Pride Center. The magazines unfortunately cannot be checked out; however, please feel free to read them while spending time in the Safe Space or Diversity Center. There are a few magazines we receive multiple copies of so please feel free to take any of the magazines that we have more than one copy of.

We have the following titles to choose from:

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The Pride Center offers panels and presentations for classes, organizations, community events, or any group that is interested. The focus of these events is to educate the audience about general LGBTQ information and issues. 
The format: To begin a panel, LGBTQ+ identified students and/or staff give a brief personal introduction. The panel then presents a basic introduction to LGBTQ terminology and safer space guidelines. After this, they open the floor for questions from the audience. The panel members are there to educate the community, but they do reserve the right to turn down any questions that they do not feel comfortable answering. This whole presentation lasts at least one hour, but it often expands to fit the time available. 
Interested in being on a panel? Contact the Pride Center. Check our Facebook groups for times and updates.
Interested in hosting a panel? contact Will Van Roosenbeek at


Bulletin Boards
The Pride Center has a collection of LGBTQ focused bulletin boards that are available to be checked out. These can be used in residence halls, or for any educational purposes. They cover a variety of topics and themes such as queer poets, sexual violence in the LGBT community, or more intersectional topics like disability and sexuality or information on influential black and queer activists throughout history. Bulletin boards are available for periods of one month.

Ally Workshops

Ally Workshops are workshops presented by the peer educators employed by the Pride Center. There are several Ally Wokshops each semester on the UWL campus. Ally Workshops are also available for other organizations.

What you should know about Ally Workshops:

  • Who can request them?

Any campus or community organization, including residence halls, student organizations, or other presentations/workshops can request an Ally Workshop.

  • What is the format?

Ally Workshops that last at least one hour. An hour to an hour and a half would be an ideal amount of time to have available. These workshops include the presentation of information about LGBTQ issues as well as activities. There is also a time for general questions that any audience member may have.

  • How can you request an Ally Workshop?

Please contact Willem Van Roosenbeek at