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We strongly recommend internships for all WGSS majors and minors.  They can help you:

  • Make a difference right now and right away!
  • Explore career and work settings
  • Provide practical work experience and develop marketable skills
  • Build your resume, strengthen applications for graduate school, and develop contacts
  • Develop more answers to the question:  "What will you do with a WGSS major ?"

Internships and Course Credit:

  • WGS 450: Internship (Fall or Spring, occasionally Summer, 1-6 credits). You can also arrange a more extensive internship. The expectation is 40 hours of internship credit hour over the semester per credit hour.
  • Noncredit internship.  Even if you are not receiving academic credit, you may be able to use this experience to build your resume, skills, and contacts.   

Please Note:
Some WGSS double-majors and minors do internships under their other department. You may be able to use your WGSS knowledge in internships sponsored by other departments.  Check with that department's website, chair, or adviser for more information. You would need to follow their departmental procedures and rules.

Getting Started:  It's never too early!

  • Start dreaming and scheming early.  Talk with your professors, faculty adviser, students, the Career Services office and visit websites that capture your attention. We are here to help! 
  • Visit the Career Services website or office for listings of current internships, important information on requirements, resources, contacts, and tips. 
  • Make an appointment with Jodi Vandenberg-Daves, WGSS Internship Advisor, the earlier the better, ideally early in the semester before you plan to do your internship.  Good internships can take time to plan.  
  • Attend one of the fall or spring information sessions and talk with the Career Services staff person assigned to the College of Liberal Studies ( Karolyn Bald ).

Exploring Internships:  Go local, global, and everything between!

A great place to start:  

Handshake - a comprehensive listing of established and local internship sites. 

WGSS has developed relationships with several local internship sites.  If you're interested in any of these issues, learn more about internship possibilities locally:

These agencies and organizations frequently advertise their internships on the Career Services website, but if you don't see this opportunity advertised, talk to Jodi Vandenberg-Daves about making a connection.

You can also develop your own internship. You could work with community coalitions, elected officials, grassroots or activist organizations, or you could design your own project, including a campus activism project.

If you have an idea, interest, setting, or specific organization in mind, Jodi can help you identify potential sites and contact people to customize your experience as a WGSS intern.  

You can also consider:

WGSS Department Internship:   We need interns to help us with various public relations tasks.  Inquire with Jodi about these opportunities.  

Willing to expand beyond La Crosse?

A (small) sample of gender justice and WGSS specific internships beyond the Coulee Region: