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Gender Researchers

The Race, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Department organizes a group of UWL folks that conduct research or teach on gender / sexuality studies in some capacity. We generally gather in the Spring and use that time as an opportunity to: 

  • Showcase scholarly / creative work in our RGSS Resource Center
  • Network with other UWL gender researchers/educators for collaboration
  • Build our networks of classroom guest speakers on gender/sexuality related topics 
  • Catch up with colleagues and friends 

We are always collecting information for addition to our directory. If you'd like to be added to the Gender Researchers Directory and notified of future events, please email the following information to Laura Garves.

  • Your name & email address
  • Research interests related to gender / sexuality
  • Research collaboration needs
  • Teaching and / or guest lecture needs

If you would like your book or article featured in our RGSS Resource Center, please email our Academic Department Associate, Laura Garves.