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Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies kudos

Andrea Hansen

Andrea Hansen, Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies, received the award for Roberta Zurn Outstanding Woman in Leadership Award at Women's Fund of Greater La Crosse Spring Fling 2022 on April 9 in La Crosse, WI.

Submitted on: April 15, 2022

Taylor Johnson

Taylor Johnson, Race, Gender and Sexuality Studies, received the award for Catalina de Onís Dissertation Award in Environmental Communication at National Communication Association on Nov. 19 in Seattle, WA.

Submitted on: Dec. 3, 2021

Richard Breaux

Richard Breaux, Race, Gender and Sexuality Studies, authored the chapter "Mahjari Musicians: The Recorded Sounds of Arab Americans in the Early Twentieth Century, 1912-1936," in Arab Worlds Beyond the Middle East published on June 15 by Lexington.

Submitted on: Sept. 20, 2021

Susan Kelly and Richard Breaux

Susan Kelly, Mathematics & Statistics and Richard Breaux, Race, Gender and Sexuality Studies, presented "First, But Not Last: Celebrating the Centennial of the First African-American Woman Doctorates" at 106TH Annual meeting of the Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH) on Tuesday, Sept. 14 online. ASALH is the oldest professional organizations dedicated to researching, documenting, and preserving the history of peoples of African descent in the United States (est. 1915).

Submitted on: Sept. 14, 2021

Jodi Vandenberg-Daves

Jodi Vandenberg-Daves, Race, Gender and Sexuality Studies, was interviewed by New York Times on June 4. Jodi Vandenberg-Daves was quoted in a story about gender inequity and motherhood in the New York Times.

Submitted on: June 11, 2021