Equality, Freedom, Peace, Hope, Dignity, Rule of Law, Prosperity, Justice.

UWL's RGSS Resource Center is located on the Fourth Floor of Centennial Hall, and is combined with the RGSS office—room 4301. The RGSS Resource Center serves as a small library of historical and contemporary feminist materials, as well as a welcoming and inclusive space for students to gather, study, learn about and contribute to activism, collaborate, connect with RGSS faculty, and discuss questions, issues, and concerns.

The RGSS Resource Center is enriched by student-driven displays on feminist and social justice history and contemporary issues, and by a wide array of books, magazines, and newspapers, some with unique historical value. Student interns in the RGSS Resource Center also provide recommendations for music, films, podcasts, and much more! The RGSS Resource Center collection of books is partial, but ever evolving. The collection has been built primarily through donations from retiring UWL faculty. As funds permit, the RGSS Department updates books and other materials to reflect ever-changing feminist research, writing, and arts production.

The RGSS Department invites you to stop by the resource center, connect with other students and faculty, and enjoy the space!