The faculty and staff in the Department of Recreation Management and Therapeutic Recreation adhere to the following mission, philosophy, and vision in all of their efforts:


To educate students in the skills of the recreation profession and instill an appreciation of the vital role of leisure in people’s lives.


Core Philosophy:

To provide a learner-centered educational program that generates highly competent and innovative professionals enthusiastic about satisfying the ever-changing recreational needs of the public.



Recreation Management’s vision is to provide learning experiences that include education in management skills, a sense of professional responsibility, and an attitude of lifelong leisure participation.

Therapeutic Recreation’s vision is to provide learning experiences that prepares students to become Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists who advocate for the right to leisure and healthy lifestyles for persons with illnesses or disabling conditions.

In the two Masters programs, the vision is to provide a learning experience that simultaneously guides students to careers in the recreation profession and prepares them for scholarly endeavors in recreation.