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 Scholarships for you Education Abroad and International Students

Receiving an education abroad can be expensive... Luckily, there are many resources here at UWL to help you make it more affordable, whether studying in the U.S.A. as an international student or a U.S. student studying in a foreign country. 

First, you need to ask, am I a U.S. student looking to study abroad? 

If yes, then UWL has many different resources for you and those are listed below information for International students. 

If no and you are an international student, we still have resources for you, however, due to the nature of international scholarships, we post them as they come available. 

For International students, your best opportunity is to look at the UWL Foundation. There are several opportunities available for you to search through to find the best match. 

After you have completed the UWL Foundation application, you can search through our Outside Scholarship Database. Finding private scholarships is difficult for international students because of a specific requirement that asks for U.S. citizenship. International students will have the most success finding scholarships that do not have citizenship requirements. The SRC would be happy to assist any international student with their scholarship search to find specific scholarships associated with who they are and what they want to accomplish. 

One last opportunity is through the Office of International Education and Engagement. Through this UWL opportunity, you can apply for a bi-annual award that can assist with your overall cost of attendance. Check out their site for additional information. 

For U.S. Citizen students seeking opportunities abroad, the earlier you start searching, the better! No matter the scholarship, you are able to apply the award money to your education cost. With that said, it is better to search for study abroad specific scholarships first because you will have less competition. After you have exhausted that list, look to scholarships that are suitable to you and your interests. In most instances, you can use that money towards your costs. 

Opportunities at UWL:

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