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A page within International Education & Engagement

International Engagement Scholarship - "I-Engage"

Every semester International Education & Engagement allocates money to students who are greatly involved in educating others about their home country/culture or who wish to study abroad while maintaining a high GPA. The money for these scholarships comes from the Student Association and the UW System Fund. The purpose of this scholarship is to assist students who pay out-of-state tuition (for international students) or to encourage international awareness (for domestic students).

Focus: Develop intercultural understanding and communication through participating in campus and community events

Scholarship Awards: Varies

Application Deadlines:

Fall Semester: December      Spring Semester: May 

Note: Applications will be accepted starting two weeks prior to the application deadline. 

    • December deadline is for upcoming Winter Intersession and Spring education abroad programs
    • May deadline is for summer and fall education abroad programs
  • Applicants will be notified via UWL email regarding the outcome of their application, including the amount of scholarship awarded in January for fall submissions and June for spring submissions. 
  • Scholarship awards will appear on student bills the semester following the application submission. 

Eligibility: Current full-time UWL undergraduate (2.5 GPA) or graduate students (3.0 GPA) who meet one of the following criteria (not based on financial need):

  • F-1 degree-seeking international student who is not government sponsored and who is an active participant in campus and community programming.
  • Education/Study abroad student planning to participate in a UWL approved program during the following term who has
    • Completed mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation (PDO)
    • Completed the UWL Study Abroad Application (If UWL study abroad applications are incomplete by the time the selection process begins, students will not be considered for the I-Engage scholarship). 
    • Agreed that upon return to UWL if awarded a scholarship student must complete 3 activity points for semester program, 2 activity points for a summer program and 1 activity point for winter/spring break program or will be required to pay back the scholarship award amount. 

Students are strongly encouraged to submit an application each semester during their UWL career, provided they meet one of the eligibility requirements listed above.


Education/Study Abroad Student I-Engage Application - Link coming soon

F-1 International Student I-Engage Application - Link coming soon

How do I find ways to be active in campus/community programming?

There are numerous ways to get involved. Below are a few suggestions to get you started. 

  • Presenter at a Cultural Coffee Hour
  • Class Panel Volunteers
  • Local School Presentations
  • Global Initiatives Week Activities
  • Oktoberfest Parade
  • International Banquet Performer
  • International Banquet Volunteer
  • etc.

Where do I find out about office events?

Each semester an email is sent within the first 3-4 weeks outlining opportunities for the semester (only UWL student e-mail addresses are used). Regular updates will follow thereafter. Sign-up sheets for various activities are available at the front desk of IEE or online. There are always numerous opportunities available to interested students who want to participate. 

Are there any exceptions to receiving the scholarship?

Yes, graduate students whose out-of-state tuition has been waived may not be eligible for the scholarship.

Yes, undergraduate students receiving out-of-state tuition waivers may not be eligible for the full award amounts. 

Can International Students receive financial aid?

International students are not eligible to receive federal financial aid. As part of the F-1 visa requirements, international students must have the financial means to pay for tuition, fees, housing, meals and insurance for each term.

Are there any other scholarships available for international students?

Visit the UWL Foundation for information on campus UWL Foundation scholarships and the Scholarship Resource Center for various external scholarships.

Other Scholarships & Financial Opportunities

Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship for New International Students

  • Students can apply for this scholarship after they receive an offer of admission, as long as they have a GPA of 3.0 on a 4-point scale. (in Vietnam, this would be a 7 on a 10-point scale). The scholarship amount is up to USD $5,000, and it’s renewable each year as long as the student maintains a UW-La Crosse GPA of 3.0.
    • UWL Admissions will notify eligible accepted students of the application process in their acceptance email.

UW-La Crosse Foundation Scholarships (available annually)

  • Scholarships are awarded based on a variety of criteria. We recommend searching by keywords such as “international”, the student’s academic program, and other characteristics that describe them Scholarship applications are typically due by February 1 to be awarded for the following year. Admitted students apply for these scholarships now, and they will be awarded in Fall 2024.

On-Campus Employment

  • International students can work up to 20 hours per week, but many work fewer hours depending on their class schedule and availability. Most positions pay between USD $9-12 
  • Two example opportunities include:
    • A position as a Resident Assistant in one of our residence halls. Compensation is paid in the form of free housing, and meals.
    • A great job opportunity is to work in dining services. They pay an estimated USD $12 per hour, including a free meal with each shift, and give students an additional USD $100 on their meal plan.

 UW-La Crosse Scholarship Resource Center 

  • For additional scholarship resources for international student

Funding for U.S. Study by the Institute of International Education.