Below is a list of common student questions. Contact us if you don't find an answer to your question.

Who can use the Student Health Center? expanding section

All currently enrolled UWL or Western students who've paid the Health Center User Fee are eligible to use the Health Center. The HC User fee is automatically charged to all UWL students enrolled with ≥1 credits and all Western students enrolled with ≥6 credits. Students should be prepared to show their UWL/Western photo ID card before each Health Center appointment. 

The Health Center is not available to former or non-enrolled UWL or Western students, UWL or Western employees, non-enrolled partners/spouses, children/relatives of enrolled UWL or Western students, or local community members.

Last modified: 05/29/2018

How much does it cost to use the Student Health Center? expanding section

The SHC User Fee is automatically included in the general "fees" billed to enrolled UWL students with ≥1 credits and Western students with ≥6 credits during the Fall and Spring terms. Therefore, for these students there is no additional cost to access the SHC. The SHC User Fee is adjusted for J-term and Summer terms. See the Fees & costs page for more information. Western students are charged a co-pay of $10 for each visit with a primary care provider; $5 for each visit with a nurse or medical assistant, or $10 for every 10 Physical Therapy visits.

There are nominal charges for laboratory services, radiographs (aka x-rays), minor procedures (e.g. wart removal), equipment/supplies (e.g. crutches, splints), medications (including contraceptives), and immunization or allergy injections. See the Fees & costs page for more detail. Any charges will be billed to the student account.

Last modified: 10/15/2018

Do I need an appointment to use the Student Health Center? expanding section

Yes it is required. Appointments can be scheduled during office hours in person or over the phone (608-785-8558), or 24/7 via the MyHealth Web Portal. Same-day appointments are available for patients with concerns that warrant more immediate attention.

Last modified: 02/11/2022

What should I bring to my appointment? expanding section

For your first appointment bring your student ID card, a list of current medications & allergies, and a copy of your insurance card in case we need to refer you to another facility. We recommend keeping a list of your medications & allergies, and a photocopy of your insurance card on your smartphone too. If you happen to have notes/records from other healthcare providers pertaining to your SHC visit, bring these along as well. Consider also finding out if one of the local medical centers (LaCrosse Mayo or Gundersen) is in your insurance company's network in case you need emergency services during your time at UWL. 

If we'll be examining your lower back, hip, thigh, knee, lower leg, ankle or foot, please bring or wear a pair of athletic shorts. Women should bring or wear a sports bra if the area of concern involves the back or shoulder.

Consider bringing a list of your symptoms and concerns, so that you don't forget anything that may be important to you and your provider. Feel free to ask questions during your visit. It is important to us that all your concerns are addressed.

Last modified: 02/24/2021

What about health insurance? expanding section

Health insurance is not required to use the Health Center and the Health Center does NOT file insurance claims for charged services or supplies. However, students are highly encouraged to obtain supplemental hospital-accident insurance to cover services such as hospitalization, emergency services, specialist care, major surgery, pharmacy, and ambulance transport. Charges for these services are not covered by the Student Health Center Fee. If health insurance coverage is available through a family plan, students are urged to have the name of the insurance carrier and policy/subscriber numbers available on campus. It is also advisable to know which local medical center--LaCrosse Mayo or Gundersen--is in your insurance company's network in case you need emergency care. Students with US citizenship who are not covered under family policies are encouraged to consult the Marketplace website at for information on health insurance.

Currently there is no health insurance for students to purchase through the University. 

Last modified: 03/04/2021

How do I fill/refill a medication prescription? expanding section

How do I fill a prescription?

Student Health Center Dispensary Medication

When you are seen as a patient in the SHC, the provider may dispense medication to you from our Dispensary. This is a convenient & cost-effective alternative to taking a prescription to a pharmacy. Many of these prescriptions are for acute illnesses (e.g. antibiotics, symptom relief medications) but some are for ongoing medications (e.g. anti-depressants, birth control pills, etc.) are also available. These medications are prescribed by a provider during a clinic visit. Since the SHC is not a pharmacy, we are NOT able to fill prescriptions from outside medical providers. 

Refilling Student Health Center Dispensary Medication

If you received the medication from the SHC dispensary (i.e. your medication was given to you at the SHC), & the medication is a continuing prescription, you may request refills by pressing the “Refill a Prescription” button at the top of the SHC website home page. You will need to fill out the form with your name, the name & dosage of the medication, & your phone number.

You must have a current prescription from an SHC provider in order to receive refills from the dispensary.

Written/Printed Prescriptions

What to do when you get a written prescription to take to the pharmacy. 

If you have been given a printed or written prescription for a medication, follow the steps below to fill:

  1. Take the prescription to your preferred pharmacy. 
  2. Present the printed prescription to the pharmacy, along with your INSURANCE CARD
  3. The pharmacy will fill your prescription. This may take up to an hour.

If you have medication that you will be taking every day for an extended period of time (examples include depression medications or birth control) you will usually have REFILLS available on your prescription.

To obtain the next month’s prescription from the pharmacy:

  1. Check your prescription bottle or package to see if you have refills left. This is usually along the bottom of the label (see image below).
  2. Call the pharmacy where you had the prescription filled. You also may be able to fill the prescription through an online account.
  3. Follow the prompts & provide the pharmacy with the prescription or RX number that is on the bottle or package.
  4. PLEASE NOTE—if you have refills left on your prescription you do NOT need to contact our office for a refill.
  5. If you no longer have refills left on your prescription, & the prescription was originally written by a SHC provider, you may request a refill by either asking the pharmacy to send a fax to the SHC, or by pressing the “Refill a Prescription” button on the SHC Home Page & completing the form.                    


Last modified: 09/08/2020

Where is the Student Health Center? Where can I park? expanding section

The Student Health Center is on the 1st floor of UWL's Health Science Center, which is located at 13th & Badger Streets (UWL campus map). Look for the overhead "Student Health Clinic" banner outside our clinic entrance.

For parking, there is a pay lot on the South side of the Health Science Center (~$1.00/hr. at pay station near side of building). Street parking is available around or near the Health Science Center, although many adjacent street areas are "Pay-to-Park". Pay careful attention to signage when parking to avoid getting ticketed.

Last modified: 09/16/2019

What should I do for healthcare when the Student Health Center is closed? expanding section

Dial 911 if the situation is life-threatening. Otherwise La Crosse Mayo Clinic & Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center both provide 24-hour walk-in urgent care services. Note: Payment for services at these facilities is your responsibility. The Health Center User Fee does NOT cover these services.  

La Crosse Mayo: 608-785-0940 
700 West Ave S La Crosse, WI 54601 

Gundersen Lutheran: 608-782-7300 
1910 South Ave La Crosse, WI 54601

Neighborhood Family Clinic: 608-781-9880
1526 Rose Street La Crosse, WI 54603

University Police: 608-789-9999

Last modified: 02/11/2022

How do I pay for billable services or supplies? expanding section

By default we bill services or supplies to the student's account. If necessary, charges can be paid with cash at the time of visit.

Last modified: 07/05/2016

Is the Student Health Center staffed by students? Do you have real doctors? expanding section

The Student Health Center is a fully staffed medical clinic with outpatient physical therapy. Under the direction of our MD Medical Supervisor, we are staffed with Board-Certified Medical Doctors (MD's), Certified Family Nurse Practitioners (FNP's), Physician Assistants (PA's), Registered Nurses (RN's), Medical Assistants (MA's), Medical Laboratory Technicians (MLT's), Board-Certified Physical Therapists (PT's) and Physical Therapist Assistants (PTA's). Being an educational institution, we do offer a number of clinical experiences for students and therefore students may be involved in your evaluation and/or treatment.

Last modified: 10/08/2018

What is your policy on providing medical excuses? expanding section

The Student Health Center does not provide “medical excuses” for missed classes, exams, etc. There are several reasons for this policy including our finite resources (which are better devoted to providing health care) & our commitment to student privacy. This policy is similar to those of other major universities, consistent with the recommendations of the American College Health Association, & supported by the UWL Office of Student Life.
Students should contact their professors in the event of class absence(s) due to illness or injury. If Student Health Center staff are aware that a student will be unable to attend classes for an extended period of time (usually a week or more), we will notify the Office of Student Life. The Student Life Office will then send out a Notification of Medical Illness (via e-mail) to all of the student’s professors. The individual student is still responsible for arranging for make-up work directly with faculty. In the event of a Medical Withdrawal from the University, the Office of Student Life & the Student Health Center work together to determine the necessity of the withdrawal & send notification to all appropriate departments.
The Student Health Center can provide verification of appointment attendance for special circumstances, although attendance verifications are NOT excuses for missed classes, exams, etc. and should not be routinely requested. 

Last modified: 07/05/2016

Who has access to my health records? Can my parents access them? expanding section

Your health record can be accessed only by you & members of the Student Health Center staff. All information in a student's health record is entirely confidential & is not released to anyone (including parents) without the student's written consent.

Last modified: 07/05/2016

Can I get allergy shots at the Student Health Center? expanding section

Yes--allergy injections can be arranged at the Health Center when the allergens & written orders are supplied by the student's personal physician or allergist. Students are required to make an appointment with a Student Health Center physician/medical provider before starting allergy injections. All orders must be updated yearly. There is a $10.00 administrative fee for each allergy injection visit.

Last modified: 02/18/2020

Does the Student Health Center sell condoms? expanding section

Yes--see the Fees & costs page for current cost.

Last modified: 08/01/2016

Does the Student Health Center test for and treat sexually-transmitted infections? Can you test for HIV? expanding section

Yes--examination, treatment & education of sexually-transmitted infections is available at the Student Health Center. Confidential testing (not treatment) is available for HIV.

See the "HIV & Sexually-Transmitted Infections" section on the Services page for more information about examination & treatment or the Fees & costs page for costs.

Last modified: 06/07/2017

Can I get my birth control pills at the Student Health Center even if someone else prescribed them? expanding section

Yes--but you must provide a written prescription from your primary care provider. See the Fees & costs page for current contraceptive costs.

Last modified: 06/08/2017

Can I get immunizations for international travel at the Student Health Center? expanding section

Yes--see the Travel or Study Abroad Consultation section on our Services page for more.

Last modified: 08/01/2016