Our PT department consists of one physical therapist, physical therapy interns, and a physical therapy assistant. Students with musculoskeletal conditions/injuries or those needing post-operative care for orthopedic surgeries can be evaluated and receive a plan of care.


Call 608.785.5120 for PT appointments
PT Fax: 608.785.8746

PT Hours: Fall & Spring Semester 
Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri: 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
Tuesday: 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Summer Session 

Mon & Wed: 12:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.
Tues, Thurs, Fri: 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

Read this before your 1st PT appointment!

First-time patients should also review the PT FAQs on this page.

Students must register at the Student Health Center registration (front) desk prior to their 1st PT visit each semester/term. Please register at least 10 minutes prior to your PT appointment.

For UWL students, PT evaluations & re-evaluations are covered by the Student Health Center User Fee. There is a $35 charge for up to 10 Physical Therapy treatment sessions. Each session may include multiple treatments (e.g. exercise + dry needling + manual therapy). For Western students, there is a charge of $10 for every 10 Physical Therapy visits (regardless of appointment type).

If you have a PT referral &/or a post-operative rehabilitation protocol from a healthcare provider, bring them to your 1st PT visit or fax them to us (608.785.8746) in advance.

Wear/bring shorts for ANY low back, pelvis, hip, leg, ankle or foot issues. Women should wear/bring a sports-bra/bikini top for ANY shoulder, neck, or back conditions. Bring your running shoes for ANY running-related problems. Closed-toed athletic shoes & (appropriate) workout clothes must be worn for exercising in our gym.

To maximize confidentiality for ALL patients & to reduce room crowding, the Health Center does not allow accompaniment during appointments. Exceptions to this policy are made for patients' parents and language interpreters.

There is a charge for most PT supplies (e.g. crutches, splints, braces). See the Fees & costs page for PT equipment fees.

If you miss a PT appointment and fail to notify us prior to your appointment, a $10.00 No Show charge will be posted to your student bill. This charge does NOT apply to appointments that are cancelled or changed prior to the scheduled appointment time. Patients who NO SHOW for two consecutive appointments will be discharged.

Patients who are uncooperative or disrespectful to the staff or other patients will be discharged.

If your pain/problem resolves before your PT appointment call our front desk (608-785-5120) to cancel your remaining appointments. This will free-up appointments for other patients. Tell the receptionist that you are cancelling your appointment(s) because your pain/problem has resolved. You will NOT be charged a ‘No Show’ fee if you cancel for this reason.

Student Employment in the PT Department

We routinely hire students to work at our appointment desk scheduling appointments (on a computer), answering phones, creating patient charts, making photocopies & performing a variety of other tasks. This position is often fast-paced, and requires excellent interpersonal and computer skills and attention to detail. Front desk staff should NOT expect to study while working—at least not regularly. Scheduling appointments can be very nuanced, and workers must be patient and adaptable to succeed in this role. Students planning on a career in physical therapy or another allied health field should find the experience very valuable. 

If you are interested in employment, and are eligible for financial aid, contact the UWL financial aid office (608.785.8604) to discuss a work-study placement with us. If you are not eligible for financial aid, call or email Julie Puent-Nelson (608.785.5120) to see if front desk positions are available.

As a first line of contact with our patients, front desk staff are responsible for creating a positive impression when greeting & assisting patients. Front desk staff are expected to dress & act professionally at all times. Business-casual shirts/sweaters & pants are required. Shirts must be tucked-in. Shoes must be clean. Hats/caps, shorts, sweatshirts, athletic pants, sandals/open-toed shoes are not permitted. Jeans may be worn on Fridays only. 

Internships in the PT Department

We offer internships for PT students. For information on PT internships, click on the link below.

PT Internships

Do I need a prescription or referral for PT? expanding section

No--in Wisconsin physical therapists can evaluate & treat patients (within the PT scope of practice) without a referral from another healthcare provider. However, we do like to have copies of information provided to you by your primary care provider, surgeon, and/or previous PT (e.g. rehabilitation protocol, exercise instructions). For patients who need rehabilitation after surgery, we also like to see (but don't require) a copy of your surgical report. These items can be hand carried to your initial PT appointment or faxed to us at 608.785.5146.

Do you offer same-day or walk-in PT appointments? expanding section

Same-day & walk-in urgent care PT visits are available for concerns that warrant immediate attention. These visits are usually brief due to scheduling constraints & intended to determine if radiographs (x-rays) or immediate referral to another healthcare provider are needed and/or to provide bracing, crutches, etc. until a more thorough examination can be performed. Urgent care utilization is determined by urgency of need & NOT by scheduling convenience. Urgent care wait times are unpredictable & may be lengthy.

What if my pain/problem worsens or resolves prior to my next PT appointment? expanding section

If your pain worsens, STOP any activities/exercises (including ones we've recommended) that are making your pain/problem worse & call us (608.785.5120) to move your appointment up to the next available time slot and/or speak with your PT. 

If your pain/problem resolves & you don't need further PT, call our front desk (608.785.5120) to cancel your remaining appointments. This allows us to open appointment slots for other patients. Make sure to tell the receptionist that you're cancelling your future appointments because your problem has resolved.

Do you have wheelchairs or knee scooters to sell, rent, or borrow? expanding section

We have wheelchairs for clinic use although we don't rent, sell, or borrow them. Local medical supply vendors may be able to assist you in procuring a wheelchair. We do have 1 knee scooter (housed at the front of the SHC) that was donated and is available for short-term use on a "first-come" basis. Additional knee scooters may be available from local vendors.

Can you provide Handicapped parking permits? expanding section

Unfortunately no--all parking permits are controlled/distributed by the campus Parking & Transportation office.