Below are fees & costs for services & supplies at the Student Health Center. All fees & costs are subject to change.

Student Health Center User Fee expanding section
UWL Students Undergraduate or graduate students currently enrolled with ≥1 credits do NOT pay SHC User Fee since this fee is included in general "fees" billed to all enrolled students. Note--PT evaluations & re-evaluations are also covered by the SHC User Fee.
During summer term, the SHC User Fee ($67) for students NOT enrolled in summer courses. However, to be eligible to use the SHC during summers, students not enrolled in summer courses must have been enrolled the previous Spring semester AND registered for the subsequent Fall semester.
During January term, the SHC User Fee is $22 for students not enrolled in January term courses.
There is a $35 fee for every 10 Physical Therapy treatment sessions.
Western Students Students enrolled with ≥6 credits do NOT pay SHC User Fee. Students enrolled with <6 credits will be billed SHC User Fee of $100 for spring or fall semester or $50 for summer (must be registered Spring & Fall OR currently enrolled in a trimester class).
There is an additional co-pay of $10 for each visit with a physician or nurse practitioner and $5 for each visit with a nurse or medical assistant.
There is an additional charge of $10 for every 10 Physical Therapy visits.
Amity Students

Do NOT need to pay SHC User Fee.
Must pay with debit/credit card at time of service for any additional services or equipment.

Procedure Fees expanding section
Acne surgery $10.00
Airway inhalation treatment (Nebulizer) $5.00
Arthrocentesis, major joint or bursa $5.00
Aspiration of hematoma/bulla/cyst/abscess $5.00
Biopsy of skin lesion-single $10.00
Destruction of molluscum/warts; 1-14 lesion (s) $5.00
EKG with in-house reading $5.00
EKG sent out for reading $30.00
Evacuation of subungual hematoma $5.00
Excision benign lesion $10.00
Incision & drainage (e.g. cyst) $10.00
Ingrown toenail removal $10.00
Injection fee (1-7 lesions) $10.00
IV hydration (in-house) $10.00
Laceration repair (includes suture removal) $10.00
Ear wash $5.00
Removal of skin tags; up to 15 lesions $5.00
Spirometry $10.00
Suture removal (for sutures placed outside of SHC) $5.00
Wound care $5.00
Contraception, Laboratory, Immunization Fees expanding section
Description Cost
Condoms $2/dozen
Depo Shot (Medroxyprogesterone) $48
ECP, OneStep $15
ECP, Ella $30
Oral Contraceptives $15
Biopsy & Pathology varies
CBC $10
Chlamydia lab user fee only
Glucose, whole blood finger stick $5
Gonorrhea lab user fee only
HIV Test (confidential) $20
KOH prep (in-house) $5
Lab User Fee (added to all lab tests) $5
Mono Test $5
Occult blood, fecal x 1 $10
Outside Lab Service Fee $15
Pap - Conventional $20
Pap - ThinPrep $25
Pap - ThinPrep with HPV testing $45
Pinworm test, in-house $5
Pregnancy test, urine $5
Rapid Strep $5
Sedimentation rate, manual $5
Urinalysis auto with micro (in-house) $5
Urine dipstick or microscopic (in-house) $5
Vaginal wet prep (in-house) $5
Gardasil HPV  Vaccine (series of 3) $240 each (x3)
Hepatitis A Vaccine (series of 2) $43 each (x2)
Hepatitis B Vaccine (series of 3) $46 each (x3)
Hepatitis B Vaccine (HEPLISAV-B) (series of 2) $92 each (x2)
Influenza Vaccine Injection (Flu Shot) $20
Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) Vaccine $85
Meningococcal Vaccine (Menveo) $105
Meningococcal B Vaccine $120/$160
Pneumovax $95
Polio $65
Rabies (per injection) $272
TD-Tetanus $25
Tdap - Tetanus, Diphtheria & Pertussis $45
Typhoid Vaccine (Oral) $55
Typhoid Vaccine (Injection) $97
Varicella $140
Titers/Immunological Testing
MMR Titer $40
Mumps Titer $20
Hepatitis B Titer $15
Rubella Titer $10
Rubeola Titer $15
Tuberculosis (Tb) Skin Test $10
Tuberculosis Gold (QuantiFERON) $65
Varicella Titer $40
Medication & Supplies for Purchase at SHC Front Desk expanding section

The following items can be purchased at the SHC front desk:

Acetaminophen (325mg x 100 tabs) $2.00
Adhesive Bandages (100/box) $3.00
Antacid Liquid $4.00
Anti-Diarrheal $3.00
Aspercreme (1.5 oz.) $4.00
Athletic Tape $3.00
Condoms (1 dozen) $2.00
Cough Drops (30/pack) $2.00
ECP/Plan B  (Econtra One-Step) $15.00
Elastic Bandage ( 3 inch or 4 inch 'ACE'- type for wrapping) $2.00
Hot/Cold Packs (can be heated or cooled) $3.00
Ibuprofen (200mg x 100 tabs) $3.00
Laxative Liquid $3.00
Pain Reliever (Diclofenac) $6.00
Saline Nasal Spray $2.00
Thermometer $3.00
Triple Antibiotic Ointment $3.00
Cold Kit (includes tissues, hand sanitizer, ibuprofen or acetaminophen, cough syrup, cough drops, thermometer, and a "how to care for your cold" info sheet) $7.00

Items may be purchased with debit/credit card or charged to your student account.

Physical Therapy Equipment & Treatment Fees expanding section
Aircast Stirrup $25
Ankle/foot immobilizer (boot) $75 ($55 refundable)
Ankle brace - lace-up $20
Ankle brace - TriLok  $37
Athletic tape (1 roll) $2
Backnobber (self-massager) $18
Boxer's fracture splint $22
Calf sleeve $15
Cane $19
Cervical collar $10
Cold pack   $5
Comfort ring $10
Crutches  $25 
Elastic wrap 2" or 3" x 5yd   $5
Elastic wrap 4" or 6" x 5yd  $7
Elastic wrap 4" or 6" x 10yd  $15
Elbow strap   $13 
Electrodes (for elec. stim) $10 ($5 for 1/2 pk.)
Exercise putty $5
Figure-8/clavicle sling $10
Foam roller  $10
Heel / arch pad   $2
Heel cup $7
Iontopatch $9 ea
Knee immobilizer  $20
Knee sleeve (hinged)  $35
Knee sleeve (non-hinged) $30
Knee/infrapatellar strap  $15
L-S support   $19
Lumbar cushion   $17-$22
Massage roller/stick  $22
Neck support pillow   $25
Orthotics   $15-$25 
Orthoplast splint    $15
Patellar Stabilizer   $30
Post-op/Reese shoe $10
Plunger (for soft-tis. mob.) $2
PT Treatment Fee

$35/10 treatments (UWL only)

Rib belt $8 
Sport-All Back Support  $60 
Shorts (Sport-all)  $30
Slant board (dense foam) $11
Strap arm sling $7
Swiss Ball   $15
TENS unit $50
Elastic exercise band $5
Thigh sleeve   $15
Thumb spica $17
Toe spacer (silicone gel) $2
Wrist brace $17 
Wrist/thumb brace $20
Wrist wraps $10 & $17
No Show Fee expanding section

Due to high patient demand and the limited availability of appointments, students who miss their appointment will be charged a $10.00 NO SHOW fee.

A $10.00 LATE CANCELATION fee will be assessed if an appointment is not canceled prior to the scheduled appointment time. Call 608.785.8558 (day or night) or access the SHC MyHealth Portal at to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

What about Health Insurance? expanding section

Health insurance is not required to use the Health Center and the Health Center does NOT file insurance claims for charged services or supplies. However, students are highly encouraged to obtain supplemental hospital-accident insurance to cover services such as hospitalization, emergency services, specialist care, major surgery, pharmacy, and ambulance transport. Charges for these services are not covered by the Student Health Center Fee. If health insurance coverage is available through a family plan, students are urged to have the name of the insurance carrier and policy/subscriber numbers available on campus. Students with US citizenship who are not covered under family policies are encouraged to consult the Marketplace website at for information on health insurance.