Resources for employees

Requesting a Vanguard for a tour/event

This request form is for UWL staff/faculty to request assistance from the Vanguard Organization. Examples of requests can include graduation commencement, special events, etc. The Vanguard tour will be given from a student perspective.

The UWL Vanguard advisor will coordinate tour requests if there is a conflict due to scheduling or other Admissions related events. 

  • Reservations must be made at least seven days in advance prior to your requested time.
  • Changes to requests must also be submitted at least seven days in advance.
  • A separate form should be submitted for each request.

UWL Vanguard Request Form

Interview Candidate Tour Information

Due to the high demand of prospective students and visitors to campus, the UWL Vanguards cannot always accommodate the individual tour requests for interview candidate tours. Below are resources for search and screen committees/panels who will be providing tours to prospective employees of UWL.

Tour Tips

  • See the UWL Campus Map along with descriptions of buildings/spaces on campus.
  • When addressing candidate, use candidates name/pronouns. 
  • Have a planned route but ask candidate what they would like to see. 
  • Do not assume anything about a candidate.
  • It's okay if you do not know an answer; inform candidate that you will follow up to get them an answer.
  • Be yourself. Share your experiences as a current employee at UWL!
  • Add your own personal stories to the areas that are applicable on the tour.
  • Contact the Admissions Office for umbrellas if rain is forecasted. 

Sample Tour Route/Suggestions (30-45 minutes)

  • Show areas where the candidate would be working/teaching.
  • If in Graff Main Hall--show first floor offices (Human Resources, Affirmative Action, Business Services, and Chancellors Office).  
  • Proceed to Centennial Hall: feature student support offices (OMSS, AAC, SSS, C&T), show classroom space, and the coffee area.
  • Proceed past clock tower area and into Murphy Library.
  • Show Murphy Library first floor and coffee shop and feature ACCESS Center and Upward Bound office
    • Learn more about Murphy Library faculty/staff services.
  • Proceed to the Recreational Eagle Center (REC) and show first floor
  • Exit REC on north side of building and proceed past Campus Child Center and Parking Ramp/Police Services area before entering Student Union.
  • Proceed to first floor of Student Union and direct attention to various dining locations, University bookstore, Credit Union, and inform of the Bluffs room on second floor. Show lower level if time allows.
  • Exit Student Union through southwest entrance (Science Labs Building side). Take candidate to tour ending location.