Department Chair

Jodi Vandenberg-Daves Profile of Jodi Vandenberg-Daves
4302 Centennial Hall
Specialty areas: women's history, social and cultural history, history of motherhood, women's leadership

Academic Department Associate

Kathy Thoen Profile of Kathy Thoen
Dean Assistant
235 Morris Hall
Specialty areas:

235 Morris Hall
1725 State Street
La Crosse, WI 54601
Graduate Student, Student Affairs Administration
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Department faculty

Christina Haynes Profile of Christina Haynes
Assistant Professor
4305 Centennial Hall
Specialty areas: African American women, Black Feminist Thought, Academic Achievement, Feminist Geography
Deborah Hoskins Profile of Deborah Hoskins Office hours
Associate Professor
4307 Centennial Hall
Specialty areas:

CATL Inclusive Excellence Coordinator. Research interests in African American and African American women's history; LGBTQ studies; diversity issues in higher education.

Mahruq Khan Profile of Mahruq Khan
Associate Professor
4310 Centennial Hall
Specialty areas:

Sociology of Religion, Sociology of Gender, Islamophobia, Muslim-American women, LGBT Studies, Human Rights, Gender & Work

Jodi Vandenberg-Daves Profile of Jodi Vandenberg-Daves
4302 Centennial Hall
Specialty areas: women's history, social and cultural history, history of motherhood, women's leadership

Affiliated faculty - Art

Affiliated faculty - Communication Studies

Beth Boser Profile of Beth Boser Office hours
Assistant Professor
4225 Centennial Hall
Specialty areas:

Media, Rhetoric, Advocacy, Gender

Charissa Niedzwiecki Profile of Charissa Niedzwiecki
Associate Professor
4215 Centennial Hall
Specialty areas:

Aging, Family, Health, Interpersonal

Dena Huisman Profile of Dena Huisman Office hours
Associate Professor
4214 Centennial Hall
Specialty areas:

Communication and Identity, Grief and Social Support Communication, Family Communication

Affiliated faculty - Economics

Lisa Giddings Profile of Lisa Giddings
Associate Professor
403X Wimberly Hall
Specialty areas:

Labor Economics, Transition Economies, Sports Economics and Economics of the Family with a focus on Same-Sex Households

Michael Haupert Profile of Michael Haupert
403V Wimberly Hall
Specialty areas: economic history, economics of sports and entertainment

Affiliated faculty - English

Susan Crutchfield Profile of Susan Crutchfield Office hours
Associate Professor
425T Wimberly Hall
Specialty areas:

Film Studies and Film Theory; Literature by Women; Drama; Disability Studies; The Woman's Film and Feminist Film Theory; Adaptation Theory

Lalita Hogan Profile of Lalita Hogan Office hours
425J Wimberly Hall
Specialty areas:

Shakespeare, Rabindranath Tagore, Critical Theory, Cognitive Approaches to Literature, Emotion Studies, Indian Cinema, Indian Literature, Adaptation Studies, International Literature.

Kathryn Parker Profile of Kathryn Parker Office hours
Associate Professor
426C Wimberly Hall
Specialty areas:

Restoration and Eighteenth-century European literature and culture; gender and sexuality studies

I am also a co-editor (with Greg Clingham and Miriam Wallace) of a book series in eighteenth-century literature and culture, published by Bucknell University Press. 

Affiliated faculty - Health Education

Lori Reichel Profile of Lori Reichel
Assistant Professor
202 Mitchell Hall
Specialty areas: K-12 Education, Relationship Management, Human Sexuality, Substance Use and Abuse. Mental Health, Skill Development within Health Education
Keely Rees Profile of Keely Rees
217 Mitchell Hall
Specialty areas: Women’s Health (pregnancy, exercise, maternal & child health) Adolescent Health Behaviors; Nutrition Education; Foundations of Health Education.

Affiliated faculty - History

Mark Chavalas Profile of Mark Chavalas Office hours
403D Wimberly Hall
Specialty areas:

Ancient Near East, Classical, Biblical, archaeology:  


links:  CV: /History/ChavalasVITA.pdf

Article on Faith and History: /History/chavalasJETS.pdf

Gita Pai Profile of Gita Pai Office hours
Associate Professor
403L Wimberly Hall
Specialty areas:

South Asian studies; British empire; Hinduism in south India and the diaspora; colonialism and modernity

Víctor Macías-González Profile of Víctor Macías-González Office hours
403J Wimberly Hall
Specialty areas:

Latin American, Mexican, Latina/o, and Gender and Sexuality, and Cultural history.  Focus on nineteenth-century Mexico, especially the Porfiriato (1876-1911). Interests include diplomacy, transnational migration, Mexican diaspora, consumption and material culture, masculinity, Latin@s in the Midwest, and the homophile movement.

Affiliated faculty - Microbiology

Bonnie Bratina Profile of Bonnie Bratina
Associate Professor
3029 Cowley Hall
Specialty areas:

Microbial ecology, Aquatic microbiology, Biogeochemistry

Affiliated faculty - Philosophy

Sheryl Tuttle Ross Profile of Sheryl Tuttle Ross
4111 Centennial Hall
Specialty areas:

Philosophy of Art, Philosophy and Film, Feminist Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy, Ethics

Affiliated faculty - Political Science and Public Administration

Cecilia Manrique Profile of Cecilia Manrique
425H Wimberly Hall
Specialty areas: Developing Areas (Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East); Women and Politics; Immigration; Computer in the Political Science Classroom

Affiliated faculty - Psychology

Grace Deason Profile of Grace Deason
Associate Professor
335B Graff Main Hall
Specialty areas: Social Psychology (political psychology, gender)
Berna Gercek Swing Profile of Berna Gercek Swing Office hours
Assistant Professor
341A Graff Main Hall
Specialty areas:

Social and Cross-cultural Psychology (self-construal, honor/dignity and self-esteem)

Ryan McKelley Profile of Ryan McKelley Office hours
341D Graff Main Hall
Specialty areas:

Clinical/counseling psychology; men and masculinities; health psychology (stress, resilience; biofeedback; sleep); behavior modification; group counseling

Betsy Morgan Profile of Betsy Morgan
Provost and Vice Chancellor
227 Graff Main Hall
Specialty areas:

Social and Gender Psychology (attitudes, gender socialization, psychology as a major)

Provosting stuff

Casey Tobin Profile of Casey Tobin
Associate Professor
331D Graff Main Hall
Specialty areas:

Clinical/counseling psychology; Child Abuse and Neglect; Sexuality (attitudes and experiences); Sexual Health; Internship and Fieldwork experiences

Affiliated faculty - Sociology and Anthropology

Laurie Cooper Stoll Profile of Laurie Cooper Stoll Office hours
Associate Professor
437H Wimberly Hall
Specialty areas:

Social Inequalities in Education, Rape and Sexual Assault, and Fat Studies

Enilda Delgado Profile of Enilda Delgado Office hours
437B Wimberly Hall
Specialty areas:

Demography, Social Stratification, Social Statistics and Quantitative Research Methods

Carol Miller Profile of Carol Miller Office hours
437D Wimberly Hall
Specialty areas:

global issues, gender, policy, family, rural/urban communities


Elise Denlinger, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Peg Doesch, Health Education
Judith Green, English
Sandi Krajewski, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
James Parker, History
Bets Reedy, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Joan Yateman, English