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Curricular Resources

Books and Journals:

Our small library is in the Women's Resource Center (WRC), 4301 Centennial Hall.  Books are organized by subject and can be checked out.  They are catalogued through Murphy Library.

We also hold a small collection of movement newspapers from the 1970s, 80s, and 90s that provide interesting historical perspectives.  Contact the department chair for access.  


Our DVD and VHS collections are in the WGSS office, 4300 Centennial.  These are our teaching collections, but films can be checked out for other classes or for private viewing.  If you are an instructor at UWL and would like access to the Google Docs to search our collection, please email Deb Hoskins.  See our ADA or a student employee to check something out.

UC Berkeley's media resources in Women and Gender Studies , by subject.  Just lets you know what's out there!

General Resources on Content and Pedagogy:

  • CATL's Inclusive Excellence  Teaching and Learning + Diversity = Website resources for infusion of content, equitable pedagogies, prejudice reduction, and the transformation of disciplines; links to information about various student populations, both in the literature of higher ed and campus student organizations.  IE conducts workshops, seminars, and individual and group consultations.  Email  Deb Hoskins  for more information or to arrange a consultation.
  • Murphy Library's WGSS Subject Guide  and  Library Tools for WGSS
  • Murphy Library's Faculty Resources Page  Copyright info, plagiarism links, lots more
  • Teaching For Diversity :  Website includes resources for diverse faculty, technology help, and TFD's past schedule and topics of discussion.  The group is no longer active. 

Women's Studies Consortium Resources:

Other Resources:

Conferences in WGSS

NWSA   Our national association.  Annual conference is moving to October starting in 2009.  Many resources available here, including CFPs for conferences nationally, internationally, and regionally, as well as places to post your book if you're an NWSA member.  Our region is Great Lakes.   Deb Hoskins  is co-chair for the region.

UW System Women's Studies Consortium   Hosts our state conference, supports other resources and programs, including the State WS Librarian's office and the Women in Science program.