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Has the computer revolution left you behind?  Fear not!  We can help.

Finding an article -- using Murphy databases

You're reading an article and find a reference to another article you'd like to read.  How can you find that article now that the library is high-tech?  Here's a short video that will show you how to find it.  Don't forget to be amazed by Murphy Library's user-friendly home page!

Using Ebscohost in Awesome Ways: Saving Your Searches and Creating Alerts

My EBSCO host  Personalization Folder  Flash video  / PPT version

How to Create Search & Journal Alerts  Flash video  / PPT version

Designing a cross-campus discussion

Can Your Students Come Out to Play?  Connecting the Next Generation of Feminist Researchers and Activists  (Deb Hoskins, presented at NWSA, 2008).