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A student examines results from research on aging in muscle cells.
A student and research mentor work together in lab on a project studying the effects of hibernation on blood clot formation.
A student who researches biological clocks using fruit flies as a model system.
Working to identify insects from a local stream.
A project studying the best methods to restore forests in the Mississippi River floodplain.

Research, internships and more

Many Biology faculty members work with undergraduate students on research projects. You might join an existing project, or start out with your own question.

To find out about undergraduate  research opportunities in biology, the faculty profiles are a great place to start. Then you can send an email to a faculty member explaining why their specialty areas are of interest to you. You should also check out the list of funding sources for research projects, maintained by the Undergraduate Research and Creativity Office. 

Our students gain work experience at a wide variety of local employers including nursing homes, private testing labs, and government agencies. Ask your advisor and other students for ideas, and check out the internship and job resources on the Career Services website.