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English Department Mission & Vision Statements (adopted 2/2019)


The English Department at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse prepares students as future professionals and responsible citizens through the close study of language, writing, literature, and culture. Coursework in English offers transformative experiences with texts and ideas that cultivate imaginative, open-minded individuals who contribute thoughtfully and effectively to diverse and dynamic communities. Emphasizing the application of knowledge in both the private and public spheres, we empower our students long past graduation by helping them develop their skills in reading, writing, research, and teaching.

The work of the English Department fosters an appreciation for the beauty and power of the English language and promotes personal reflection, intellectual curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking. The English Department contributes enthusiastically to the General Education program, and we are proud to have contact with almost all undergraduate students at UWL. Our programs nurture and refine the analytical, collaborative, and expressive abilities that make UWL graduates successful members of the global community.


Uniquely positioned at the intersection of the arts, humanities, and social sciences, the UWL English Department prepares students to think, read, write, and act with depth, integrity, precision, and imagination, in support of their own intellectual development and in service to a more just and inclusive world.

To achieve this vision, we will:

  • cultivate readers and writers to explore the diversity of human experience, and build a faculty and student body who represent that diversity;
  • foster not only critical thinking and creativity, but also inquiry into their necessity, so that students understand the value of their intellectual pursuits;
  • provide transformative educational opportunities, which promote leadership skills, community engagement, and inclusive excellence through the study of language.

English Department Mission & Vision Statements