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Distinguished lecture series in Physics

The 2024 Distinguished Lecture Series in Physics
October 3-4, 2024

The UW-La Crosse Distinguished Lecture Series in Physics (DLS) is co-sponsored by the UW-La Crosse Foundation, the Department of Physics, and the College of Science and Health.  The purpose of the series is to bring to La Crosse each year a world-renowned physicist whose significant accomplishments can inspire and enrich the lives and careers of students, faculty, and the community in general.  

Thursday, October 3 and Friday, October 4, 2024
James Peebles, 2019 Nobel Laureate in Physics
Topic:  TBA

James Peebles
Albert Einstein Professor of Science, Princeton University
Professor Emeritus
2019 Nobel Laureate "for theoretical discoveries in physical cosmology"

Nobel Citation: Fundamental questions about the universe’s structure and history have always fascinated human beings. James Peebles’ theoretical framework, developed since the mid-1960s, is the basis of our contemporary ideas about the universe. The cosmic background radiation is a remaining trace of the formation of the universe. Using his theoretical tools and calculations, James Peebles was able to interpret these traces from the infancy of the universe and discover new physical processes. The results showed us a universe in which just five per cent of its content is known matter. The rest, 95 per cent, is unknown dark matter and dark energy.