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Sara Hirsch attended UWL from September 2004 to December 2008. She graduated with an Accounting degree and a minor in Economics. When asked what her fondest memories were at UWL she replied, "I didn't know any other students when I entered UWL but I quickly felt welcomed on campus. UWL was everything I could have asked for out of a college education experience." After graduation she became a tax associate at Olsen Thielen, which is a mid size public accounting firm in St. Paul, MN. She is involved in many different areas of tax including: payroll, not for profit, fiduciary, corporate, partnership, and individuals. A little advice she leaves current UWL accounting majors is, "Do not hesitate to use the internship program set up at UWL. It may be hard to leave your college friends to do an internship for a semester, but it is totally worth it. You gain experience and figure out what you want to do after graduation. Not to mention it is a good opportunity to land a job and not have to search during your final semester of college."

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RitzHolman CPAs

“I could not imagine beginning an accounting job and not having the experience of an internship.  I have learned more in the past three months than in years of school because I was able to see how all the concepts worked in real situations.  Being able to interact with professionals in a professional setting is also something that I think everyone, especially accounting students, should experience.  I interact with almost all the partners everyday and when I am out on audits, speaking to the client is common as well. I was lucky to start out at a smaller firm because I am not thrown into working 60-70 hour weeks right away. When you are an intern everyone knows it, so it kind of gives you an excuse to ask tons of questions and if a slip up occurs, its okay.  This internship has been a great experience and I am so grateful that I was given this opportunity.” - Amy Ann Price

Trane Company

“I have gained a great deal of experience working at Ingersoll Rand.  It has exposed me to various aspects on accounting and finance in a major corporation.  I have been able to interact with professionals on many different levels including co-workers, customers, and sales offices.  I am constantly using the skills I have gained through classroom experience and applying them to "real world" decisions.  I would definitely encourage younger accounting or finance students to apply for an internship at Ingersoll Rand.  I feel it is a great experience and great to add on your resume.  Although it is not the typical accounting internship many accounting students do, it definitely provided me with exposure and experience I needed in order to go to the next step after graduation.” - Laura Roberts

“I love my internship at Trane Corporation. I work in the financial reporting department in America's Accounting Center. I love this internship because it is paid well and the 20 hours a week work around my schedule.  Moreover, I love the responsibility and independence granted through this internship.  I am currently the owner of multiple processes in FR and additionally assist in many other processes. I have been assisting in sending overdue invoices to Accounts Payable to be paid as well as truing up Prepaid rent accounts for the various Sales offices.  However, I am currently co-running a project with another gentleman involving End User Reporting and the Risk associated with the processes in the America's Accounting Center.  I am very excited about this project as it will give me the opportunity to review all of the processes run by Trane and help them decide the risk involved in all of the processes at Trane.  In all, I would suggest this internship to anyone that is in Finance or Accounting.” - Zack Seramur

“I would like future Trane interns to know that this company has been a pleasure to work for over the past year. They allow you to work independently and expect you to ask if you need assistance with anything. I've also gotten a better feel for what 'corporate culture' is all about. Their employees there are friendly and like to see youth in the organization. Remember to keep the accounting process in terms of it being an information system, as this is the most difficult feature to 'wrap your head around.'” - Adam Hughes

Grant Thornton

“I learned a lot about auditing in a public accounting firm; I worked with a variety of companies and got lots of experience. I feel that it is a good thing for students to do to get some exposure to the real world.” - Josh Mansee

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