Department Chair

Timothy McAndrews Profile of Timothy McAndrews Office hours

435A Wimberly Hall

Specialty areas:

South American/Andean Archaeology, Rise of Complex Society, Sedentary Village-Based Adaptations

Academic Department Associate

Archaeology and Anthropology Faculty

David Anderson Profile of David Anderson

Associate Professor
432D Wimberly Hall

Specialty areas:

Egyptian archaeology, Late Prehistoric period Native America, origins of complex society, technology in archaeology, 3D documentation of archaeological remains.

Constance Arzigian Profile of Constance Arzigian Office hours

Senior Lecturer
336C Wimberly Hall

Specialty areas:

Midwest Archaeology, Paleoethnobotany, Environmental Archaeology

Vincent Her Profile of Vincent Her

Associate Professor
437I Wimberly Hall

Specialty areas:

Cultural Anthropology; Anthropology of Religion; Ritual and Mortuary Studies; Peoples and Cultures of Southeast Asia; Hmong/Hmong American Studies
Christine Hippert Profile of Christine Hippert Office hours

437L Wimberly Hall

Specialty areas:

anthropology of food, medical anthropology, community development, the social construction and politics of gender/ethnic/racial/national identities, migration, Latin American and the Caribbean Studies, public health

Amy Nicodemus Profile of Amy Nicodemus Office hours

Assistant Professor
437E Wimberly Hall

Specialty areas:

archaeology, zooarchaeology, bioarchaeology, Bronze Age, Europe, complex societies

Elizabeth Peacock Profile of Elizabeth Peacock

Assistant Professor
432B Wimberly Hall

Specialty areas:

Sociolinguistics, identity and belonging, youth, Ukraine, transitional societies, global communication, diasporas and homelands

Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center Staff

Bonnie Jancik Profile of Bonnie Jancik

Instructional Program Manager I
114 Archaeology Center

Specialty areas:

Archaeology Public Outreach