Sample student work

Images of student work from across Foundations and studio courses. 

Oktoberfest 2018 Mural of butterfly wings in the German flag colors of black, red, and yellow by Baley Murphy entitled You Are Gemutlichkeit

Oktoberfest 2018 Mural - Baley Murphy

colored pencil drawing by Jackie Obst of two children laying on a bed with their stocking feet up in the air

Art work by Jackie Obst

Skull of the Plague mask made with copper by Alydia Downs

Skull of the Plague - Alydia Downs

ceramic tea pot in the shape of a bee hive entitled Tea and Honey by Carolyn Meyers

Tea and Honey (ceramics) - Carolyn Myers

silver chain mail armor hood and bralette by Katie Buika

Metalsmithing - Katie Buika

painting of horses by a lake with their reflection in the water that shows mountains in the background by Hannah Ottevaere

Hannah Ottevaere, Untitled

black and ivory layered ceramic contemporary sculpture by Lillian Myhre

Lillian C Myhre, Untitled