"I Spy" Board


Let your children cut or cut out objects for your child to glue to create an I Spy Board

You could Use:

  • Photos
  • Magazine pictures
  • Stickers
  • Or create one out of loose parts lying around the house


*Disclaimer:This is a messy one so only do it in an area that is easy to clean like over a cookie sheet in the kitchen!

Mix small amounts of water into a pile of cornstarch until it begins to get a little runny.

ADD: Scoops/Measuring Cups/Measuring spoons Items to Hide and search for like small plastic animals, larger rocks, etc.

Make a simple salt dough recipe:

Flour – 4 cups , salt- 1 cup, warm water -1 ½ cups

THEN, cut out shapes or make beads for a necklace. Let air dry or put in the oven on low. When hard let the kiddos paint or color with markers. Buttons or other odds and ends can be added. This could be a 2 or 3 day project!


Gather Random items lying around your house and let your child tape or glue them to paper to create their own masterpiece.

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