Curriculum foundations

A page within Campus Child Center

The overall objectives of our educational program are based on the Campus Child Center goals and philosophy.  We use the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards as a foundation to guide the planning and implementation of our curriculum.  

Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards focus on the following five domains:

  • Health and Physical Development
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Language Development and Communication
  • Approaches to Learning (creativity, curiosity, discovery, engagement, persistence, experimenting, elaborating, etc.)
  • Cognition and General Knowledge

Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards are based upon the following principles:

  • All children are capable and competent.
  • Early relationships matter.
  • A child's early learning and development is multidimensional.
  • Expectations for children must be guided by knowledge of child growth and development.
  • Children are individuals who develop at various rates.
  • Children are members of cultural groups that share developmental patterns.
  • Children exhibit a range of skills and competencies within any domain of development.
  • Children learn through play and the active exploration of the environment.
  • Parents are children's primary and most important caregivers and educators.

We work to create an environment that encourages the children to explore the world around them, to think critically, to increase independence, and to solve problems.  We provide our children time, materials and opportunities for creative expression, for enhancing motor skills, and for gaining an awareness of and a respect for others. 

Built into our daily routine is the time we refer to as “group time.”  During group time, each teacher implements lesson plans that have been designed to meet the needs, interests and abilities of the children in the group. Woven into the lesson plans are activities and/or concepts involving art, music, drama, science, math, large and small motor development, literacy and language - providing opportunities to explore one’s environment, to create, to discover, to participate, and to gain ideas and increase awareness and understandings about the world around us. The plans for each week will be posted in our entryway late Friday afternoon for the upcoming week.