When Campus Child Center first opened its doors in 1985, a commitment was made to recruiting a staff whose knowledge base was firmly planted in sound early childhood practice, was driven by a desire to always do what is right for the children, and was dedicated to supporting each other.

Professional staff:

As the staff grew from two full-time employees to seven full-time employees, a team evolved that has proven itself in its commitment to young children and to each other.  We take pride in a full-time staff turnover rate that is virtually non-existent. 

Dawn Hays 
Joined our staff in 1992 
Director/Three-year-old Teacher
Contact her at dhays@uwlax.edu

Kim Amundson
Joined our staff in 1997 
Toddler Teacher (One-year-old group) 
Contact her at kamundson@uwlax.edu

Elena Mueller
Joined our staff in 2021
Two-year-old Teacher
Contact her at emueller@uwlax.edu

Angela Dingel
Joined our staff in 1997
Two-Year-Old Teacher
Contact her at adingel@uwlax.edu

Jodi Strong
Joined our staff in 2016
Four-Year-Old Teacher
Contact her at jstrong@uwlax.edu

Melissa Walbrun
Joined our staff in 2017
Associate Teacher
Contact her at mwalbrun@uwlax.edu

UWL student staff:

Complementing our full-time staff is our student staff, serving as our teaching assistants. Coming primarily from the fields of Education and Psychology, our student employees work approximately 10 hours per week and are with us for an average of two years.  While they are with us, they have the opportunity to apply the knowledge they are gaining through their coursework in our setting and are able to grow in their skills and abilities as teachers of young children.  But more importantly, they provide for us an energy and exuberance that adds flavor and delight to our program - it just wouldn't be the same without them.  


Sue Wrobel 
Joined our staff in 1986