Fine motor experiences

Straw Sculpture

Straws are for more than sipping your favorite beverage. They can keep kids engaged for hours! Just cut the long end of each bendy straw about an inch from the bottom so they easily connect. Now have the kids connect the long part of one straw with the short part of another. Consider having the kids build a series of triangles that they can then tape together to make a large sculpture, like a geodesic dome (a structure that looks like half spheres made up of many triangle supports). (Idea taken from The Genius of Play)

Rubber Bands

Wrap rubber bands around soup cans or toilet paper tubes.


Clip clothespins on a wire basket.  Clip by color or size. 

Practice writing, painting, drawing

Give them important work time at the table. Draw, write, paint, or whatever. Take a picture, send it to Cindy, or make a book or collection and bring it back to the center to show when we return!

Consider setting up a “workspace” for you and your child at the table, on the coffee table…anywhere! If you have work that you need to get done while at home, offer up the idea of “will you come do some work with me?” and provide some quiet materials. Playdough, markers/notebook, pens (they love those since that’s what grown-ups use!), etc.

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